Jun 23, 2008

Day of Role Play

Thursday, 19th of June, was our English assignment ONE: Role PLay

RoLe Play is time for us to PRETEND, ACT, as if we were not ourselves but someone else.
LOL...sounds complicated?
Well..to make things easier, it is a play...where we pretend that we were in the meeting discussing 'IMPORTANT matters'.

Previously we had few discussion sessions. We crapped, we forced, we seduced(LOL...fake one)

First, we crapped about what to talk...well...most of the time we talked talked talked until somewhere else, someone else, whatsoever.
Everytime Charis and I have to drag them back to our MAIN TOPIC of the day...ChaMnya!! you know or not, IvanLuke?

Secondly, we used to hang out at cafeteria for discussion. The hardest part is that Luke keeps complaining his stomach empty, and wanting to fill. Ivan pulak always joins him in eating. Haiz...
Luke always eat eat eat. ANd we have to force them to DISCUSS first!!

LAstly, Oops, technical problem...no lastly..

Well...we knew our role play was too lengthy, ain't no need for you to tell.
BUt overall, it was a success. At last, our effort is nevertheless being appreciated for being the most spontaneously done group!!

After the Role play, it is our longest break in a week - 4 hours straight.
Whoa....it seems long, but then it is not.
If we go cafeteria, Luke will be eating 3 times in 4 hours. So it is a Ugh-Ugh, means No NO.
Then we decided to go library^^

We did our own tutorials and notes, but we tend to talk. Adui, really inefficient for the 4 hours.
4 hours can do more than that.

Luke & Chee Leong was struggling over the Taxation tutorial 3 Question 1>>>

Alas he can sit down and read text book...LOL

"Why like that? Not this meh?"

Charis was doing her Performance Management tutorial 4, then she realized advanced really hard!!

And me, was doing the taxation notes, but only managed to do few lines....Le...

We were so happy when we saw that Chee Leong and Luke finally understood our feelings while doing tutorials^^

These two copy cats, want to imitate Charis & Me. Blek!!

Finally Role Play is Done!! Good Job to our group mates^^ Don't forget the minutes to submit ya!!


  1. Regina9:48 PM

    Congrats on completing it and ended up being the best group. ^_^
    AMA will be next sem. Hmm... I wonder what's your topic. Cindy told me one of the AAC grp talked about coldoms and they even brough timun to perform demonstration and guess what? It was doned by girls!

  2. Haha..I guess you mean condoms...

    WEll...my topic is organising a beach party for the singles^^

    how about yours??
    SO have we met before?


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