Jun 15, 2008

Classic & Cute Prom Dress

Being Classic & Cute is never a wrong choice as it never go out of style.

For teenagers like us, cute should be the best one for us because We Still Young!!

Most of the cute collections comes with sweet colors or cute cuttings, such as laces, puffs, beads, you name it you have it. It is not necessary to be short, it can be long too^^

But personally I would opt for a cute short dress^^ Why? Because I am Still Young!!

Here comes the Classic & Cute Prom Dresses>>>

As you see, layers & laces form the design.

As for this, it is a simple design dress which you can also wear it when shopping^^ You can add accessories to add some essence of grandeur for PROM.

This is the one I will buy^^ I like its simplicity of design.

Polka dots always reminds me of the Dalmation Dog. It is my favourite too^^ [ Do you realise something about the picture? ]

Princess is coming...

I like this the best for long prom dress^^ I like the way Jovani uses the beads to form the upper part of the dress itself. It is see through but covered on essential parts. Sexy & Cute princess!!

Mermaid Beauty

This last piece is coOL, to me. But need to have GOood Body Shape to bring out the beauty of the dress^^

Wanna find more about the Classic & Cute Prom Dress of your choice?



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