Jun 23, 2008


Everyday is morning class.
Everyday I have to wake up on 6 o'clock, give myself an hour to dress up, tidy up, clean up, brush up, fill up, bla bla bla...then only I can go out from my house^^

Everyday I watch the sky as it changes its shade of colors.

The moon was still shining in the morning. In fact, moon is always on the sky, just that we cannot see it because sunshine is far too bright!!

Discovering how the sunshine was being distorted was kind of fun too. It is natural, simply so artistic.

Well...back to the point.
This Chozes is an exhibition by the diploma students of SSSH, which I forgot what it stands for.

Here they are, all the diploma students of Advertising, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, you name it you get it.

Fashion Design

There were few booths for display of their theme ideas, and some of their creation, which I like, some of it.

This was the Ballerina booth. Charis was so attracted to it.
Well, in fact, the attraction is the ballerina shoes.
Oh my, pity those students, for thinking that she likes their design.
As for me, the others were better.

Let me show you some of the design>>

I like the model whom was made up and acted like a doll. At the same time, I was impressed by how skillful they are in make up.
Even myself I know nothing. So sad....Even guys make up better than girls...

Next, the Advertising.

Here was the story board on display. So Kawaii the drawing!!

Too bad I didn't manage to take pictures of the J-CO donuts'
Theirs was said nicely done.
They are creative, and inspiring. They even turn donuts into some nice chicken chop, nasi lemak, noodles etc...

All these are some of the random shots which I didn't plan to blog them.
Should have taken more pictures. Aiks...

Cute little thingy~!Go Green!!

Cute design too^^

The exhibition has ended last Friday. By the way, I am not sure whether it is only one day or it has been few days they exhibited their masterpieces!!
We so coincidentally went to this exhibition simply because we wanted to book the badminton court for Monday!!

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