Jun 12, 2008

Cash Rebate -- Here I COme!!

Although I do feel bad...but still I am happy because I am the one who is being blessed StiLL under the new Government policy.

Just then I heard the latest news that those cars that registered or renewed their road tax can start to claim for the cash rebate of RM625 and RM150 for motorcycles.

I am blessed...at least.
I cannot wait for 14 June to come because I am too eager to get my cash ASAP!!
RM625 is worth even it cannot fully cover my annual petrol expenses.
Happy Still^^

In case you do not know, you can actually head to the nearest Post Office and get your cash rebate straight away...
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What are you going to do is really simple.
First, bring your IC, and yourself, of course, and fill in the cash rebate form. Then you wait...for 3 minutes, as estimated, but I doubt it will be 3 minutes though. Then, you can get your cash straight away...

Mind that you have no need to show your car registration card. So, no need to bring ya!!
And also mind that only those vehicles that are qualified for such cash rebate will be getting the $$.

There is an alternative way too...
If you cannot bear the wait, you can just drop the form and then wait the Post Office to process it and then they will post the postal order to you.

Two ways Same Result...$$$
I really cannot wait and I hope so much it starts tomorrow!!

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