Jun 30, 2008

BiRthDay Part I

I will prevail this post with the picture of Charis & I>>>

No why, because we were bored in lectures^^ Shhh...cannot let our Financial Reporting Lecturer know, Ok??

Well...my birthday is on 27th June, so coincidentally same day as John Neai.
Haha...Happy birthday to him too^^Celebrate with your Honey huh??

REally thankful to you guys for celebrating with me this year, although The day before this I was quite quite anxious of what will be happening the next day until I was so emo.
Feel so stupid..Ish~~

You guys brought me to this homely Little tree, which I have never been there for meals.
It is a nice place, which I would say it is better than Ming Tea house...(Maybe I went to Ming Tea house too many times...LOL)

The nicest part is that they have Piano & Guitars here!!!!

Shooting TiMe!!

Charis & I

Mr Chee Leong

Charis & I ( Again...LOL..not lesbian Ok!!)


Mr Chee Leong was so busy playing guitar...But But but...never play for me...SOb~~

Charis was busy fussing with the guitar as well...I wish I know how to play...Hard to learn Man!!!

What's wrong with Luke's Butt??

Trying to Act Cute...

Haha...thanks Lai li for taking pictures just now. NOw Luke's turn. Let's Kick hiM out!!!

As the burfday Girl, Let me introduce my friendSss whom are so nice, even though we are not close, and still they came to my celebration. MuacksSss~~

Sin Wei+ Sharon+ Me+ Christina ( NIce playing girl!!I mean your piano..)+ Laili

Wee Liam + Me + Lilian ( They are potential couple, but haha...they say they aren't,shall we believe?)

Lai Li+ Me + Luke...( Nice smile, Lai li, Hamsap face, Luke...)

Part II is in the making...SoooN to be posted...Be Patient!!

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