Jun 12, 2008


It has been months and months that I have actually showed my enthusiastic on the fuel price movement.

I have no idea when was the historical price of less than USD100 per barrel of fuel, and care less for it, since it is just the SUNK COST that only applied in OLD times~~

USD139 - USD 100 = USD 39...
The price has been surging non stop, and it seems to be unstoppable.
Economic theory comes in>>>When supply is less than the Demand, the price of fuel will increase...

More and more cars nowadays.
Even each house will have 3 to 4 cars...I wonder nowadays the people are so rich to afford the cars, notwithstanding those who drive luxurious, branded cars.

I wonder, I ponder, I wander...
NOw that we have to suffer because of the theory of Supply and Demand.
USD 200 is estimated to be the extreme price for a barrel of fuel...

From RM 1.92 surged to RM2.70...it has never mean so much to me.
Still I have not pumped the latest RM2.70 petrol...but it will be soon enough because my car is running low of petrol...

Thank goodness that Government has actually promised not to increase the fuel price in this year.
I really REALLY really hope that Government will do what they promised, which I doubt at times...

I even wonder why do Government need to give cash rebate for those driving above 1500cc cars.
If they can afford for the cars, why don't you think they don't have the ability to afford for the new fuel?

I really doubt, and I wish the Government is objective though.
What makes them set such policy? What factors come in?
If you wonder too...

Sorry if it offended some of you but I really felt the unfairness.
It is like why you can drive big cars like CAMRY, VIOS, CITY and cannot pay for the FUEL?
DO you deserve the cash rebate?
[ There is no discrimination towards Toyota and Honda cars..it is just an comparative example... ]

It only serves the real purpose IF and only IF those people who really NEED them...

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