Jun 4, 2008

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

This is the shop. Haha...famous for the abalones but then I never try the abalone though!!

What brought me to here n 1st of June??

It was actually meant to celebrate my cousin's birthday on 2nd of June.
He is kind enough to ask us along for dinner too^^ which I have unexpected that it would be here.
You know...it is posh place for dining OK.

YuM yUM...see the dried abalone?? So wanted to try the famous abalone but then we only ordered normal dishes but it cost few hundreds bucks...

In case you do not know where is it, it is located at Avenue K 2nd floor from the main entrance.

It was the first time I asked a jockey to park my car you know.
I never think of that anyway. Simply because my car is tiny^^

About the food, too bad I didn't manage to capture a picture of them because I was engaged^^ with eating of course...
Overall the food is not so good as I expected. Maybe the restaurant gained its fame from the scrumptious ABALONE....

Oh ya....Happy birthday to my cousin as well^^ Live healthy, stay happy...

Coming next will be something weird that I found in the restaurant>>>
Don't think this lobster very normal OK...it is very lively and sporty...and always move around in acrobatic postures>>>>

SEE???it is COoooool!!it reminds me of Spider...lol!!
At times I was wondering shall I shake hand with this acrobatic lobster??

This is another type of lobsters, I supposed. Its claws are being tied up.
My brother said it is to prevent them from fighting and killing one and another...True??

And here is the SUPER DUPER HYPER BIG FISH...which I don't know as well...(Paisehnya)

The prawns here very sleepy but once the chef triggered them while scooping, they scurried to all directions with ALL MEAN!!

Are you PoO POo-ing??Wakaka...

Oh ya, conclusion is don't go there eat unless you want to eat their abalones...Hoho...shhH

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