Jun 24, 2008


ACCA - The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the qualification that accounting students yearn for it, as it means a lot of fortune.

You are recognized worldwide
You are honored to be a qualified accountant
You are getting good career prospects

As ACCA members are those who are good in academic, thought, as well as soft skills.

The main point is I am going to tell you how much you are going to pay for this honored ACCA qualification.

Being an Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting student, my aim is to acquire the ACCA qualification. SO we are required to register as an ACCA member.

ACCA fees and subscriptions as follow:

Initial Subscription - 64 Pounds ( Which I am going to pay...SOb~~~considering the rate: 6.44)
Re-registration & Penalty - 64 pounds ( Choi choi choi)
Annual Subscription - 64 pounds ( I bet it is waived for us?)
Duplicate card - 10 pounds ( I wonder do we have cards)

AS for examinations:

KNowledge papers - 47 pounds each ( Thank goodness I got exemptions!!)
Skills Papers - 55 pounds each ( Hmm....again...Yeah!! we no need to pay...because Tarc will give internally assessed papers - it means no need SPEND SO MUCH!!)
Professional papers - 63 pounds each ( Wuu wuu...as for these, there are 5 papers that we have to sit for externally. Haiz...2k gone like that for next year...)

You gotta pay if you want it OK...and it is not easy...
I start to feel the anxiety...Aiks

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