Jun 30, 2008

BiRthDay Part I

I will prevail this post with the picture of Charis & I>>>

No why, because we were bored in lectures^^ Shhh...cannot let our Financial Reporting Lecturer know, Ok??

Well...my birthday is on 27th June, so coincidentally same day as John Neai.
Haha...Happy birthday to him too^^Celebrate with your Honey huh??

REally thankful to you guys for celebrating with me this year, although The day before this I was quite quite anxious of what will be happening the next day until I was so emo.
Feel so stupid..Ish~~

You guys brought me to this homely Little tree, which I have never been there for meals.
It is a nice place, which I would say it is better than Ming Tea house...(Maybe I went to Ming Tea house too many times...LOL)

The nicest part is that they have Piano & Guitars here!!!!

Shooting TiMe!!

Charis & I

Mr Chee Leong

Charis & I ( Again...LOL..not lesbian Ok!!)


Mr Chee Leong was so busy playing guitar...But But but...never play for me...SOb~~

Charis was busy fussing with the guitar as well...I wish I know how to play...Hard to learn Man!!!

What's wrong with Luke's Butt??

Trying to Act Cute...

Haha...thanks Lai li for taking pictures just now. NOw Luke's turn. Let's Kick hiM out!!!

As the burfday Girl, Let me introduce my friendSss whom are so nice, even though we are not close, and still they came to my celebration. MuacksSss~~

Sin Wei+ Sharon+ Me+ Christina ( NIce playing girl!!I mean your piano..)+ Laili

Wee Liam + Me + Lilian ( They are potential couple, but haha...they say they aren't,shall we believe?)

Lai Li+ Me + Luke...( Nice smile, Lai li, Hamsap face, Luke...)

Part II is in the making...SoooN to be posted...Be Patient!!

Like that also Can??

I wonder how many pairs of shoes he needs to buy.....

Nice postures piggies!! Good job!!

Oh kids....what are you all doing??

NO space for human, obviously!!

This mother really don't know how to teach her son...sad case~~

You dare? You go I go...Ble Ble

Oh student, you are skillful!!

Dedications by FrienDsSs

27th June 2008 was my birthday. NOw I am officially 20 but too bad, still cannot go in Zouk for clubbing...Sob~~

Hereby I would like to quote my friendsSss' dedications...
Really appreciate and grateful for remembering my Birthday, although I used to be not remembered.


1# YoOng Fei: You Bday ar?? [ Although it is a question, I am happy!! You used not to wish me!!]
2# Jeffery: Slept? If haven, me this pig wan say gud nite lu. Happy Birthday Hitomi! Muak
3# Ivan: Happie bday cutecute shane!We're da twenties!Weee!;)xp may u alwiz b happy n enjoy wit us all d time..We're alwiz here to laugh our heads off n support u.! [ How sweet^^]
4# Daniel: Happy birthday...1year older liao lo dun be so naughty le wo..mature lo..have a nice day [ Don't stress one this word ''old'' ]
5# Kenny: Happy birthday ya..Happy birthday to u =p old dy loh..Hope you young always? Haha..anyhow..hope your wishes come true ya.. [ Another one -_-]
6# Luke: Happy birthday!wish u have a wonderful year ahead, n all the best in every single things you do..no longer teenage edi lo:- Phaha [ Wuuwuu~~]
7# Seng Koon: Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your birthday la.
8# Simon: I shall nvr forgot tiz important my lui lui big day d. Hap1 BIRTH-day o..shane aka hitomi!hehe..luv u owez, so y3y3 wish & hope u get evting best in life!
9# Yinxie: Darling!Happy birthday!Muacx! 20 years old ade la! Grow up a bit la!Haha! Miss you! [ Noty girl!!]
10# Charis: Happy birthday girl..no worries le happy is good.;-) love ya..muacks..hugs..;-) no need to thanx le..tis is wat friends are for..cheers
11# Sharon: Happy bday oh!Hope the rest of the day is wonderful too!:)
12# Christina: Welcome!:) hope you enjoy your birthday.
13# Banana: Hey girl, happy birthday oh. hehehe. The pig tell me ur bday. Hope you enjoyed it. Haha. Old dy lo. Kekeke. [ Noty Banana!!]


1# Akee: hei gal..happi burfday!!hope all ur wishes can come true n all da best lo..^^

2# Siew Sin:
My dearie ex class rep....HAPPY Belated Birthday......Sorry ya for wishing you so late...Neway wish you all the very very best ya in your future..
Hmm ya dun pinch me anymore my dear...haha
pinch me again den got my punch tat time baru tahu takut r.....
Miss me vvvvv much ya.......wakakaka...Take care

3# Kenny: happy bIrthday ya!just a simple 1 to u= )cause simple is Happy = )hAppy Bday YAaaa

4# PIgGy Wina: hi gal.. happy birthday to u..wish all ur dreams cum true..all de best n take k oo..muackzz..

5# Lazy Pooh: happy bday...may all ur dreams come true..all d best for everything..hv a wonderful bday..take k...

6# mengLee: yo....class rep!!! lolz...happy birthday oh ex class rep... wish you have a very very happy birthday la... haha...may your wish comes true as well... ;)

7# Lek Wei: hapi b'day!!

8# Simon: My hitomi..our dearest Shane..y3y3 wont forgot d lah..adey spy ur buffday so long..haha..
so now it's time for me to greet u lo..Hapi BIRTHday girl..muacks!!sry cox busy v OO nite..perhaps but i promise v u..celebrate v u after OO nite lo..u muz cum n support me ya!!sure i wil plan a mini party for u d..
cox u'r SINGLE now again.~~haha..miss U..wish u hapi owez!

9# Josephine: elo.gal,wish u happy birthay 1st,although we no same class le=.=but when u free free also can find me out ya...haha.wish dream come true and be happy always"v"

Thanks to those who send me nice glitter graphics^^ : ????? wIn HeartBroken KeN Luccellino Bubble Tea Laura

Love you guys SO MucH!!

Jun 29, 2008

Misconduct of Mr Banana

Mr Banana, a.k.a Josaiah, is a "good friend" of Charis whom came over to our college.

Good Gracious, he is having 4 months HOLIDAY!!
CoOoL...But i prefer not to have such a LoOong Holiday^^ listen or not, Mr Banana!!

About the Misconduct, he did the same thing that Ivan did. Guess what??

Jun 28, 2008

HoW shALL I name this??

Hmm....thinking thinking....brain is currently multi tasking.....


Haiz....outcome: attempt failed!!

What shall I name this post?? I really don't know the exact words or phrase to express the feelings...

Shall I just let pictures speak???

Any suggestion of the name????

Jun 27, 2008

Tickling TiMe!!

This video is starring by Mr Chee Leong, Aha, a guy who scares of tickles. SoOoOoooo.....you know what to do??

Aiyoyo!! Paisehnya!!
This video is being shot at this angle..

So does it explain Why it is like that??

Jun 25, 2008


Halo ladies and gentlemen ( as Charis always emphasizes on this )
I am here. Again, of course. What is playing in my mind now is should I cut my hair??

If I should, then what hair style should I go for??

Short hair again meh?? Don't, don't, don't...I leave my hair grow itself for the past three or four months, And now, you are telling me to get short hair?? It is definitely a No NO!!

So how about these?? Any comment??


I have a bad habit. I am sure it is, you want to know??

*Ehem....Clearing throat...Adjusting volume...*
The Government has prohibited drivers to use cellphones when they are driving.
As in talking on the phone, well, I didn't.
AS in taking pictures with phone, Yep, I did!!

Wakaka!! I have been doing that so frequently that I simply cannot resist the urges to take the cellphone and snap at the sky^^
Shhh....don't Don't don't tell anyone!!
If not I will crawl to your bed at nights to scare the freak OUT OF YOU!!

Proudly present~~The 'masterpiece' LOL

All were taken on the same day, MOrning, and Evening. And I like the last one very MUCH!!

Jun 24, 2008


ACCA - The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the qualification that accounting students yearn for it, as it means a lot of fortune.

You are recognized worldwide
You are honored to be a qualified accountant
You are getting good career prospects

As ACCA members are those who are good in academic, thought, as well as soft skills.

The main point is I am going to tell you how much you are going to pay for this honored ACCA qualification.

Being an Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting student, my aim is to acquire the ACCA qualification. SO we are required to register as an ACCA member.

ACCA fees and subscriptions as follow:

Initial Subscription - 64 Pounds ( Which I am going to pay...SOb~~~considering the rate: 6.44)
Re-registration & Penalty - 64 pounds ( Choi choi choi)
Annual Subscription - 64 pounds ( I bet it is waived for us?)
Duplicate card - 10 pounds ( I wonder do we have cards)

AS for examinations:

KNowledge papers - 47 pounds each ( Thank goodness I got exemptions!!)
Skills Papers - 55 pounds each ( Hmm....again...Yeah!! we no need to pay...because Tarc will give internally assessed papers - it means no need SPEND SO MUCH!!)
Professional papers - 63 pounds each ( Wuu wuu...as for these, there are 5 papers that we have to sit for externally. Haiz...2k gone like that for next year...)

You gotta pay if you want it OK...and it is not easy...
I start to feel the anxiety...Aiks

Jun 23, 2008


Everyday is morning class.
Everyday I have to wake up on 6 o'clock, give myself an hour to dress up, tidy up, clean up, brush up, fill up, bla bla bla...then only I can go out from my house^^

Everyday I watch the sky as it changes its shade of colors.

The moon was still shining in the morning. In fact, moon is always on the sky, just that we cannot see it because sunshine is far too bright!!

Discovering how the sunshine was being distorted was kind of fun too. It is natural, simply so artistic.

Well...back to the point.
This Chozes is an exhibition by the diploma students of SSSH, which I forgot what it stands for.

Here they are, all the diploma students of Advertising, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, you name it you get it.

Fashion Design

There were few booths for display of their theme ideas, and some of their creation, which I like, some of it.

This was the Ballerina booth. Charis was so attracted to it.
Well, in fact, the attraction is the ballerina shoes.
Oh my, pity those students, for thinking that she likes their design.
As for me, the others were better.

Let me show you some of the design>>

I like the model whom was made up and acted like a doll. At the same time, I was impressed by how skillful they are in make up.
Even myself I know nothing. So sad....Even guys make up better than girls...

Next, the Advertising.

Here was the story board on display. So Kawaii the drawing!!

Too bad I didn't manage to take pictures of the J-CO donuts'
Theirs was said nicely done.
They are creative, and inspiring. They even turn donuts into some nice chicken chop, nasi lemak, noodles etc...

All these are some of the random shots which I didn't plan to blog them.
Should have taken more pictures. Aiks...

Cute little thingy~!Go Green!!

Cute design too^^

The exhibition has ended last Friday. By the way, I am not sure whether it is only one day or it has been few days they exhibited their masterpieces!!
We so coincidentally went to this exhibition simply because we wanted to book the badminton court for Monday!!

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