May 27, 2008

Why · Love?

Love is a kind of intangible and vague substance that make up our life.

There are so many types of love that I think you should have known.

Ever since we were being born in this world, the very first love will be, undoubtedly, our parents’ love.

Why love? Because they are the maker of us, and thus they love us.

They teach us the very basic things in life.

They help us throughout our development to be a better person.

They teach us to be a better person.

They play inexplicable substantial roles in our life.

We as children will forever be their small little kids in their eyes, whom always need their sanctuary and they always welcome us with a tender hug.

Again why? Because they love us.

In return, do we, as children love them the same way as they do?

Well…I bet most of us still not love them as much as they love us. Agree?

Why love? Because they are our parents.

The fact is concrete that we cannot change them no matter what.

The God has made us linked.

Maybe because we as human being tend to forget who are the one who love us most?

Why? Because we overlooked them, I supposed cause we were so busy exploring the world that we are living in.

So remember to love them!!

Friendship love…it is another one that worth mentioned.

It is indeed hard to have friends or even a friend that love you – good friend or best friend.

Why love? Because they will always be there for you whenever you have dilemmas and advice and sooth you whenever you need them.

Still, I would say hard to find.

Why? Are you one of the friends of someone who will willingly do all these?

If yes, in return, I would say there is someone for you too.

If no, then you will have to ask yourself, if you are not the one for others then why do you expect more from others?

Practically saying, maybe I am not a good friend to others. I don’t know.

Maybe I am but no one would ever realize I am.

Which one you are in?

Perhaps this is the highlight that everyone will automatically link to whenever you say ‘LOVE’

There you go, love that exists between couple.

Well…perhaps this is the hardest one for me.

Why? Because I admit that I am still very unsure and doubtful.

Hmm…this love is very chemical. Only if you and him or her have the right and matching substances then only it will be LOVE.

How do you know when you fall in love with someone?

Wah…good question.

My friend said if only you see sparks in him or her.

Sparks? Can you define further?

There you go – when you see him or her you cannot see others around.

Coool…That’s what I think when I heard him saying so.

This love is more like trial an error experiments where you will be doing this over and over again before you finally find your rightful one, yes, FINALLY.

In the process of trial an error, I bet no one will say not hurt at all because when come to the least of the least, you have at least showed some of your affection to one.

However, in the end, the best solution is still declared breakage.

Still, to love and being loved is a hard learned subject.

If you give me this, I will maybe fail. Haha…

Why love? Because you want to find your final Mr or Miss Right and proceed into another chapter of life, where you will be the parents like your father mother did.


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