May 24, 2008

wht A sicko

Sob~~ has been sick for many days but it seems to be so stubborn to leave me...

Sneeze, SneeZe, sneeZe...
Cough, cough, cough...

It comes around and goes around. (Reminding me of Justin Timberlake^^)

I care less for the sticko sickness...perhaps it will cure by myself, if only my antibiotics are strong enough to fight...
The conclusion is It is Useless le...

Ended up I went to see Mr doctor.
The main reason is I have been sneezing too badly until I felt my left ear somehow slightly deafened as if the cotton bud has been stuck inside...

I got my medi...and I ate them.Still have some to finish though.

College will start next Monday. I am happy because I no longer need to get bored at home, although I can work for $$$.
why? Cause I like my college life better than anything.

Oh ya...I am now single and available..So wanna enjoy single life more!!


  1. Regina8:33 PM

    what u mean u are single and available??
    Is it a bad newss??

  2. Well.. does not sound too bad if you feel you did the right decision. Right?


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