May 9, 2008

Wednesday, 7th of May 2008

I was off on this day. It is because someone else again…

Haha…so I actually went out to long gai…

What I did today was we were having ktv session at Redbox from 12 to 3pm.

By the time we reached, it was 12 something.

But stingy Redbox stopped our session just at 3 pm sharp. Last time was not like that de lo...

2 people sing ktv?

It was really boring la, I tell you.

Next time, I will never go ktv if only two persons.

Really sien lo…although you no need to fight for the microphone.

Really sorry to Mr Jeffery again…

Cause I caused him to bump into another car. Luckily the car owner was kind enough to let us go without demanding any payment.

I think his saga is quite tough also. Not really damage its butt side…

But the Avanza of Mr Jeffery is slightly damaged.

Sincerely apologize here!!

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