May 9, 2008


Grrrrrrrrrrrr………stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid x infinity

How can the line treat me LIKE THAT!!!

I cannot even online!!

That TMNET people said my splitter is spoilt but later on I found out it is working but only the TMNET is spoilt!!!!

Now that my line cannot even connect to the Internet!!!

I am gonna to scold the TMNET people if they are working right now!!!! ( gnashing my teeth)

This is the third day after two days of not able to access to the net.

I called “100” and asked for the help.

They told me do this and do that but still the problem persists!!!

I have no idea how many times I have called them.

I even have no idea how many times I have to call before my line is back to normal again……stupid stupid stupid!!!

They said they lodged a report for me and want me to wait 2 working days to let the technician to sort out the server and then only see whether they need to come over and fix it… so Damn…

Luckily now that the line is normal, well, as it seemed to be.

I really don't want to face this problem again. Really HATE IT!!

My dear readers, where you all have been??

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