May 27, 2008

Responsibility Matters

I bet you are very familiar with this particular word.

In the common conversation, you may be commented that this fella or that fella is not responsible at all and always dump all his work to us and do nothing.

Responsibility is something that one needs to learn when you started to develop your self-character. (Of course this may not be the case if you are a small kid.)

However, the smaller you start to learn how to be responsible the better you will be in future, which I personally agreed to it.

Responsibility deals with results of your own decision, action.

If you have done something, then you will have to be responsible for what you had done.

But the core topic today will be why there are people who do not want responsibility, especially youngsters?

Primarily, I think it is because they do not want to bear the results that entail.

Let’s say if you are given the choice to be a Course Representative.

If you are willing to bear the burden of handling course matters and dealing with lecturers, then you can definitely volunteering yourself.

If you are not willing to do so, then you can simply shut your mouth up and let the others do the nomination.

Don’t you think that you are in this category?

Another reason may be that you assume that you will neglect your studies if you bear any responsibility.

It is not a case if you are good in time management.

You can definitely do both at the same time without neglecting any of them.

If you are telling me you wish to but you scare of failing your exam, I will say you are just giving an EXCUSE.

Peer pressure is another important essence in decision.

As you know, many youngsters tend to feel belonging in a gang.

So if your gang is the type that always says NO NO to responsibility then you will just forget about it and feel easy and melt in their style, so-called.

If anyone of you do want to do so but just for the sake of the gang, you don’t, I would say “Is it your future or theirs?”

It is because when you started to learn about responsibility, you will be more prominent in your career after graduation.

Working without responsibility will not grant you the way to success. TRUST ME!!

Why will a boss hire you if you don’t want to be responsible with anything?

If you know anymore factor that may be influential, do feel free to drop me a message^^

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