May 25, 2008

Quick review of the day

Today is Sunday.
It is kind of boring because I have no specific places to go or specific things to do.

Well...when my aunt said she wanted to go to the banks, I replied: "Why not?"
There we went. We done our businesses there and then we drove off to BBS ( Bandar Baru Selayang ).
Why? Because she wanted to buy stuffs in Guardian and Watson, and there is the nearest from my house^^

Due to the mid year sale, most of the products in Watson are offered up to 50% discounts.
It is so Cooool...
The prices are relatively cheaper, you know?
It is just the perfect timing to SHOP... are you listening, girls??

Guardian is always doing promotions restlessly too.
Of course there will be something worth buying, especially those BEST BUY
We shopped a lot of necessities, ranging from facial care to hand soap, before we went home.
I was having stomachache all the while too!!
SOb~~only can hold it until I reached home and released them.

End of shopping lol...
By the time I reached home, my mom was busy doing dumplings..
And I offered myself to do it...Haha...
Don't laugh at me. I don't know all these...So my Mom taught me^^

Secretly tell you la...
Those wrapped by me really pai kua la...(in hokkien)
Really cannot show to people de...only can eat myself...wakaka!!

After that I went to have a nap before I took my medicin.
Really sleepy for most of the time.zZzzZzz

By the time I woke up I wandered awhile then watched television, ate my own dumplings, etc.
Now I was here blogging...LOL...
GOing to sleep soon after I done my medicine. Nights^^

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