May 14, 2008


This is the second day from the night of which I was finally back to Kuala Lumpur from trip to Pulau Lang Tengah.

My internet connection still very bad...I am online without splitter.

I was so damn tired once I was back in KL.

Firstly, the 2nd day I actually overdo my muscles, which I have never think of it.
I had jungle trekking the very morning.
I had own snorkeling near the beach for estimated 2 hours.
I had next snorkeling around the island after half an hour rest.
I had banana boat after 1 hour break or so.

When everything accumulates, I really think that is far too much for me, an inactive girl.
However, since it was the second last day from departing, so I decided to push myself to enjoy the most.

I slept for 5 hours or so.
Damn tired when I had to wake up around 6.30am on 13th May to pack things up.

Now my muscles are rebelling for tormenting them so much during trip.
Sob~~ have to endure the muscle pain...feel so lazy to move now.

Coming next will be my update on my trip.
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