May 22, 2008

Mr Kuma Kuma

Kuma-kuma is a turtle soft toy which looks like this>>

It is often being infused with other stuffs to make some cute little pillows, tissue boxes, key chains etc
Like this one here>>

This kuma-kuma belongs to Mr Jeffery. Haha…it is a kuma-kuma tissue box which he places it in his Avanza. See how they look alike>>

There is once the kuma-kuma is so damn cute where I found it in the most comical pose.
Shit la…why didn’t take the picture….Sweat badly~~

Never mind then. Let me describe a bit.
Mr Jeffery places it in front of the front mirror (pity the tiny kuma-kuma have to endure the pricky scorching sun.)

Well there was one fine day where he actually sped to somewhere & I was in the car.
Care less of the kuma-kuma as usual but that day it really caught my eyes.

Instead of sitting cozily on top of the tissue box, it dwelled into 75 degree and sticked near to the front mirror.
I was like WAO…how come the kuma-kuma also knows how to drift…kaka!!

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