May 30, 2008


It has been quite long I am sick but still the flu, the flam still don't really get rid of themselves. Worse still, I am having sore throat today!!
Why it intervenes at this moment!!!

Haiz...really don't know what to say.
Ever since I was back from Lang Tengah, I started to get sick and it goes on and on.
Maybe my antibodies have been too weak after conquering the bacterias and germs in island.
Don't know. Just assume.
NOw I am still sick, although I sought the mighty advice of my family doctor.

My advanced diploma starts this week.

Practically saying, not much notes are given to assist in our understanding.
And as expected, most of us, including me, was quite blur for the time being.
Although the subjects are more or less connected to what we had learned in diploma, I am left unguided because all my notes have been lent to my friend.
IT is time to GET IT BACK!!

Maybe it is the messiness that influenced me so much that I was virtually lack of inspiration in blogging.
I surfed the net yesterday and I decided I may blog on Prom.
But for the time being, I am going to let myself recover before I start this topic.
Research is still undergoing.

SO catch up with me once awhile. And hope I can GET WELL SOON...

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