May 23, 2008

Live Life

How many of us really care of what we consume and how it would affect our health?
Undeniably some of us do but still there are still some, for example, me, although we know it is unhealthy but still we go for it, right people?

Haha…you know la…when one gets sick only then you will start to take care of your body in consumption. Before sick, we take it for granted and eat every junk as we can.

Tip 1# Drink lots of water

Yaya…I do drink galleons of water. (just a bit exaggerated…lololo~~)
Really water la…not gas drinks or whatsoever that you think it can replace pure tasteless water.

Water is the most important element in our body.
Scientifically speaking, water is the medium for biochemical reactions, universal solvent of many biological molecules, moisturizer of respiratory surfaces, and support of the cells. Most layman advantage is that it helps to maintain your skin moisture, which ladies will care more than anything else. ( Referring to my brother’s biology references…wakaka!!)

Tip 2# Cut down on salt and sugar

Salt can increase the risk of having a high pressure, heart attacks, and stroke while excessive sugar will lead to diabetics and increase obesity.

Whenever you eat, not necessary to be so salty or sweet although it enhances the tastiness of your meals. As for sugar, it is advisable to take fruits instead natural sweetener.

Tip 3# Cut down Fats

Fat is known to be fattening…haha…need not me to tell..
Fat comes from those butter, lard, pizzas, KFC, etc

In order to cut down the fat, reduce consumption of these foods.
However low fat/lite/light does not mean that there is no fat. SO there is no reason for you the whole tube of low fat ice cream or chips.

Please be moderate in your consumptions. Never eat too much nor too less.

Tip 4# Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercising can help to stimulate the metabolism process and help to get rid of the bad substances cumulated in your body, such as toxic.

By exercising, you also can get your desirable body shape and be more appealing in appearance. One week 3 sessions of 20 minutes exercise is ample to live healthy. The more it would be better.

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