May 20, 2008

Lang Tengah - Part III

Now that I realize my Part II is not that complete yet.
Thus, I will continue them in this Part III.
By the way, this is the combination of Day 2 and 3.

Remember I told you that I went for banana boat?
I really sorry for indirectly made Lian Sim lost her bracelet and made a friend of Li Khang's injured (whom dress in black Redang Lang Resort t-shirt in following picture.
Sincerely APOLOGIZE here...

After we went ashore, I didn't go back to wash myself.
Instead, I stayed on the beach with my friends.
Guess what we did??

La La La....
Look here>>

10 hands Buddha...

1..2...3.. JUMP!!!! (As expected, accident happened. The man in black hit Mr Jack.)

That's not good enough. Let's come again...1..2..3.. JUMP!! ( come Mr Jack looks so monkey de?)

COme come come...not enough yet. All look here...say CHEESE~~

Mr Meng Lee (with legs up) was even agitated to imitate Li Khang (the one sitting on the beach) to do break dance.

Which eventually turned out to be a ROLLOVER...LOL!!

At night, besides finding for blue sand, Mr Jack made all these cool pictures with his CANON look-alike DSLR camera>>

A devil with the 3rd finger UP!! IT is MR JACK!!

An angel fights the devil...Mr Meng Lee looks so angel-like...

This one is called birds under the moon...(are they really birds? is intended to but it turned out to be some weird scripts...LOL)

The END of Day 2

The START of Day 3

Due to lack of sleep, I was feeling tired when I woke up at 7am.
Last night I fell asleep after 2am. SOb~~only 5 hours...

I had breakfast at 7.30am. I tried to scrutinize the whole dining area but find non of my friends were there for breakfast...YET. After 8am only then they appeared. They slept even lesser than me cause they chit chat until 3am.

The time was quite packed because we need to check out before 8.30am.
We need to pack every belonging, which I think it is quite tedious...and return the life jackets and goggles to the reception.
Then, we gather around the beach for departure.

In the meantime, we shot this>>>

OH yeah...we were here!!

The boat which fetched us to Merang Jetty was no longer small speedboat...Thank goodness...That's a scary experience.
We got a medium one, and yes, it was the same which fetched us for snorkeling around the island.
I was so sleepy. So do my gang.
MOst of us were so drowsy...

When we reached Merang Jetty, I was so happy that the bus has arrived to welcome us.
We found ourselves nice seats and comforted ourselves on the cosy seats.
Again..I fell asleep.
Once or twice I woke up and played a silly game with my dear.
Haha...really funny that game.

The bus passed through Kuala Terengganu and this is the Masjid Kristal, which is one of the significant landmark in KT>>

And this one is shot in Cherating area...

The beach, the sea, and the coconut trees form the great combination. Ta ta...Cherating...

The bus stopped us for lunch at the stalls we went on Day 1.
I found this>>>>

Lao Die Well...haha...the name is nice, the view is nice, but the water is not nice...IT STINKS!!!

We went for lunch in a shop near the archway in China Town. They said the kuey teow soup is nice. HOwever I didn't eat them. Instead, I had a nice bowl of tau fu fa...
Good for SKIN O!!
It was great you know. Unlike those you taste in KL, either it is smooth but no bean smell or not smooth but got bean smell...

After finishing my tau fu fa, I went to walk walk around and look for souvenirs.
BUT i buy NONE of them...
then I decided to go back to the bus and sleep again....zZZZzzz

Before I fell asleep, I saw this beautifully decorated pedicap.
He fetch no human but lots of stuffs to sell...LOL....sweat~~

Due to lack of time, we didn't have a chance to ride on them...
Of course not this one la....

After lunch, the bus went on and on...
This is the petroleum processing factories..which I first saw in my life on Day 1 in pitch black but just the shiny spot lights...( I failed to capture them...remember?)

The bus driver also kind enough to drop us off to shop for some local delicacies...
In case you don't know, KEROPOK LEKOR is the famous local delicacy in KT!!

You want fried? can
You want steam? can
You wan half fried half steam? Haha...I do for you la...

Besides the famous KEROPOK LEKOR, there are more to offer there...
Satay fish, dried cuttlefish, dried keropok that yet to be fried, salted dried fish, dried name it you have it...
Some more they sell at chaper price even though you can still get it at KL.
But i Bet the taste will be slightly different.

I bought some for my family and steamed keropok lekor to eat.
It was so special that I have never eat before in my life...
There is no stinking smell...Simply so delicious...

We reached college around 9pm. It was very late, I know.
I straight away bumped in my dad's car.
I decided to go back to my warm and welcoming bed once I got home...


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