May 16, 2008

Lang Tengah - Part II

I am back!!
Okie okie...I will finish this part as well.

The second part is basically about what I did for the second day.
It was quite a hectic day. Wonder why? Hmm...let me tell you. In the meanwhile, please be patient because it is another long post!!

For the night before, I actually slept for 6 hours or so. Woke up around 7am. Had breakfast at 7.30am.
Thought jungle trekking was around 8am but it wasn't. It was 9am. Well...since I had extra time. I decided to have a short nap again.
I didn't bath. Smelly o?care less for that la. Later also sweaty.

We started off our jungle trekking 15 minutes later - 9.15am.

The sun shone tenderly in the morning.

BUt it couldn't force through the shade of trees on top of us. The air was so fresh and cooling but we were sweating badly due to the climbing.

The path was so steep that I had to keep my eyes on the steps that I took for fear that I would slip on the slippery rocks and take no intention on the environmental surrounding.
I clung on every tree and rope came across the path.
I only know I need to BE CAREFUL.

Finally we reached to another end of the island, which they said that you can see the Pulau Perhentian or Redang. I myself also blur on this. NO question please...

Sea is the signal that we were on the right destination.

They climbed onto the rocks perilously and almost fell off. BELIEVE IT? Haha...they were pretending though!!

I managed to climb on the rocks too!! It is so tranquil looking at the waves beating on the rocks restlessly & Listen to the symphony of the sea.
In the meantime, I was sweating so badly that I was grateful that at last I had time to rest.

Resting time was fully utilized to have some snap shots.

Hitomi + Lian Sim + Geok San... ( GS: Faster la...very hot ar!!)

Another one of course with my dear lo...

I only have the hat to stop the sweats from rolling down my cheeks and no handkerchief at all...
So stupid la...I brought that but didn't bring it when jungle trekking.
I also so stupid for not bringing water with me.
I was almost drained out of water YOU KNOW?? Thanks to Akee for sharing one sip of water with me^^
So REMEMBER!! bring water ar!

Rest time finally ended.
It means we had to take the same path back to the resort.
HAr?? another tiring journey? Yalo...if not how to go back? SOb~~

This is taken while we were heading back. POsing here are Hitomi + Geok San + Geok San's bf's sis.

Climb, CLimb, Climb, Climb....
Alas...Back to the resort.
The very first thing I did was heading straight to the dining area and drank gulps of water.
It was so refreshing. Water never taste better than now.

We were so sweaty. HOwever, later on was snorkeling around the island.
So I didn't bath. haha...dirty abit also don't care la!!

I changed my sweaty attire and headed to the beach and played beach ball. But it was no fun because we kept picking the ball after it went astray... It always do.

Then I went back to my room and looked for my dear. He was resting. We then set off to snorkel near the beach.
The rental for the life jacket and the goggle is 10 bucks each. Oh ya...another 5 bucks for the preservation fee for the beach. So it was 25 bucks in total.

My dear don't know how to swim so it was kind of hard for him to snorkel.
He ought to learn how to balance himself.
WE swam and swam without realizing that we were actually very far from the beach. Cham lo....
Luckily we had our friends around to help while I was so damn exhausted after dragging my dear along for one hour.

We saw the corals but I personally think they are not so beautiful as in the pictures.
Most of them are in dark brown and sometimes I cannot differentiate whether the coral is dead or alive.
And stupid me thought of not wearing life jacket, I ended up being so exhausting to float on the wavy sea and drank gulps of salty sea water. salty YOU KNOW?!!

After we went ashore..Yes...FINALLY
We rested a while and then set off to snorkel around the island.
The boat which fetched us was puffing black smoke when I went aboard.
Then the worker immediately asked us to went ashore first.

RUPA-RUPA the sea level was too low for the medium boat to set off. It took around half an hour or more before we finally left the beach.
The snorkel destination was much deeper than the previous two snorkeling experience.
The corals are so low that we only can vaguely made out the shapes and colors.
Most of the time I was just so busy feeding fishes with bread and dragging two more people with me.
Another tiring snorkel...

Among the three snorkeling experience, I think Redang Marine Park is the best because I was being guided.
MOre fishes were being seen while we fed them.

After we went back to the beach, we felt reluctant to go back to rooms and we were so amused by the herds of fish near the bridge. They are very small. My friend, Meng Lee said it is Kong Yu Zai but I think it is not, maybe sardin?

[Before edit]

[After edited]

[Before edit]

[After edited]

Besides that, there are few more species are found.

Look at the left bottom side.

This white fish is the one and only one among the fishes. We think it is so coward because it dare not to grab the bread that we threw and let the small fishes ate them.

See the blue one? That's the most appealing one.

What is so special about this is the pattern on the surface after the bread landed on it.

Two fish were kissing...LOL...

Besides feeding fishes, one new friend named Jacques wanted so much to take photos of him landing on the sea. And I helped him^^

Drum rolls~ Let me introduce Mr Jacques

See his face expression??

Nice SPEEDY pose before he jumped into the sea...

He laughed at constance for fearing the fish will bite. In the end, he was the one who was being bite by the fish..Wakaka!!

Here are two models, Mr Jacques & Mr Meng Lee.

Mr Meng Lee & the ghost...see it?

OK was the essence of the day>>>

This castle was built by someone. GOOD JOB!!

Hectic or not??
BUt that's not all...there are more to go.

Akee + Lian Sim + Hitomi

I helped Geok San in building the castle of ours but it turned out to be a fiasco. La la...

Guys were so busy discussing whether they want to play banana boat.

My legs...

Me^^ Before went for banana boat.

Here the banana boat!!!!! 20 bucks per person( but my dear said I was stupid for paying so much...sad~~)
Run for your life!!! Oopss...should be scream for your life!!!

Was being thrown off but still want to snap pictures...LOL..few more gulps of salty water...Helpless~~

Back to the shore, Mr Meng Lee and the gang was still playing around.

Small crab. Perhaps just born.

There are more creatures were being found in the resort & the beach. Look here!!

This reptilia was so silently posing itself on the wall and was being spotted by clever me...(no sweating..)
By the time I had no camera with me cause was dining.
Then I rushed back to the room and took my camera & snapped it!!

These two were found along the beach where the sea ebbed>>>

Namely the shit. BUt we know it is LIVE SEA CUCUMBER!! Wanna eat??

Another tiny creature which bites. Hardly seen by eyes and was luckily being found by Mr Meng Lee...(Why he again ar??)

The night has fallen. It was our last night before departure.
So we was not interested to sleep early and went to the beach and play.

The half moon & the tall coconut tree...

Have you heard of blue sand?
Yea...finding it was our mission for the night.
And yea we did!!

It flickered for a moment and then it slowly faded away. It is hard to be captured.
BUt I was happy to see it with my own eyes.
HOwever it was hard to find too. My friend even said you can find more at Redang.
So sad for not going to Redang...

Well...forget about the sad stuff.
We chatted for the night and also listened to the soothing melody being played by the part time worker there.
Aha...we disturbed him la...It was fun to chit chat with friends.

Mr Li Khang was so keen to climb on it. Of course must help him snap la....

Then I went to buy souvenir for my brother. It was a t-shirt which costs 28 bucks. But I think it is special. Don't care la...
By the time it was already half past 12am. So I went back to my room and slept while my friends were chit chatting until 3am.

So you say, is my day hectic??


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  1. dear dear... so nice post le.. haha.. bt din mention much bout me..sob... love u o... muacksss muacksss...


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