May 16, 2008

Lang Tengah - Part I

Ehem....(clearing my throat & preparing to start bla bla bla...this post is not going to be short)

I was back from Lang Tengah on 13th of May 2008.
Today is 16th of May. HOpe it is not too late.

I was departing to my final destination on 10th of May 2008 at 10.30pm.
By car? Nah...
By Redang Lang Resort bus...Yes!
SOme more the bus registration number is TAR 3867, and fetching Tarcians!! Yeah!
It also means I stayed at Redang Lang Resort, which is located at Lang Tengah...I wonder why they name it so...

Supposedly we departed from TAR College at 10.30pm but once we passed the first toll, the bus stopped at the rest house.
Because it was waiting another bus passengers to come. Sweat~~ Never mention it to us!!

Well..this picture is taken in the bus while waiting. Waiting is so long to me...

Rain started to drop while waiting...
At first my friends were so agitated and anxious to reach our final destination. They kept chit chatting non stop. It made me cannot fall asleep. Partly though.
Another reason was I myself also not feeling to sleep.
In the journey, the bus dropped us by few rest houses.
My dear met his classmates and friends there. He simply so happy. I knew he didn't enjoy this trip. Really sorry to him. I should have followed his class trip to Redang instead.
Back to some random stop points.
What was really unexpected was that the bus actually stopped at McDonald!!
Haha...guess he need a cup of coffee or so?

The journey to Merang Jetty took us a grand 8 hours.
If not sleep, what else can we do for 8 hours?

I slept for 4to5 hours, I think.
Most of the time was so busy dropping by the toilets whenever we can and also enduring the bumpy journey while closing my eyes.
It was so hard to fall asleep........

Once we reached Kuala Terengganu, the night view is cool, I must say.
I never imagine the lights of the Petroleum Processing Factory can be so nice.
PLus it is damn huge.
Only one word can describe: MAGNIFICIENT

I was trying to capture the views of it but too bad the bus was moving so fast that everything gone so blur.
The pictures ended up like this>>>

And this one is the view of front bus.
Well...everything was pitch black, the bus was shaky. The green spot was the clock in the bus.

The bus again dropped us off at one of the hawker stalls. To have our breakfast around 7am.
We met our friends there.
He brought the whole lot of us walking around the China Street in Kuala Terenganu. Gangsters?? Maybe...

Look at the buildings>>

Well..the street is not really wide. There are some shop lots are nicely decorated in their KT style...

Found a temple. Still closed. Perhaps just renovated. Everything seems new to me.

Accidentally bumped into this what-they-called-the-swallow-house. I can imagine the bird nests inside the house!!(Wa....can I steal one?)

Once we had our breakfast, we departed to next stop - Merang Jetty.

We found chickens poking around the field once we jumped off the bus.

The weather forecast>>

We waited for 2 hours or so. Sweat!! Just for the boat to come fetch us to our resort ok.
Why need to make us stand in the hot sun and wait for so damn long??
In the meanwhile I was shooting around with the new camera of mine.

These few pieces are mine. The object is the small boat which is being rested on the riverbank.

It was taken with different modes available. So the colors are different.

Aha...This gang is my friends who were on the trip too!!

Alas...the boat came. It was small compared to the standard boats.

The waves were so strong that our small boat was actually so dangerously swaying left and right, front to back.
The process went on and on.
Yes yes...puking is expected once the boat went ashore.

However, everybody was so steady. No puke puke OK...
Instead, we were busy redeeming our luggages on the bridge.


This is SMALL boat. My first experience: So damn scare if the boat is going to turnover by the waves.

We were given briefing before we took our own room keys.
This was the lousy twin sharing room for me & my dear. Some more costs us 50 bucks extra per pax!! SOme more no water heater!!! Sweat~~

Well...we spent our half of the day shooting around and had a visit to Redang Marine Park.
Let's look at the Redang Lang Resort...and most importantly the beach and sea!!
 chicks around...

At night, not much activities can be done there.
I strolled along the beach with my dear but the night was so drowning that barely any light can lead us to walk. SO we abandoned our idea of it.

This is for my dear...^^
While my dear took this picture. He said he likes the shadow.
Life is better with poker.
Later on I went to disturb my friends and we played Cho Dai Di in the room.
Sob~~I never win. Luckily no gamble...if not I PK lol...

As usual...capturing the night view.
I like the lighting effect.
Seriously this picture is not edited. It was just being taken like that.

This is the dining corridor. It is obviously dinner time>>

Oh ya!!
Not forgetting to shoot pictures of myself. Thanks to my dear for taking these for me. comes the self shoots>>>

This was the castle made by someone. Casually taken it.

As for Redang Marine Park, the experience was kind of bad for the first time snorkeling hitomi.
The beach is full of dead corals, which are not cleaned up. The condition is far worse than those in Lang Tengah beach itself. Oh my....
MOst of us ended up having lots of scratches for accidentally stepped on.

I was being thrown off half of the time along the beach. The waves were so strong that I couldn't pursue further.
This was not until COnstance brought me along.

At least I fed the fishes and looked at the coral.
Still I was not quite contained with what I saw. Some even saw sharks and other more beautiful fishes.
I think I should have went on further. Regret le now......

Useless la now. Should there be a second time??
Oh ya...ought to update the second part soon.
CATCH up the latest update from ME!!

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