May 2, 2008

---- Let's KiLL ----

It has been a rainy season lately.

Where cats and dogs also join in the triumph of the downpour…

That was exactly what was I thinking when people say: “ Raining Cats & Dogs”

So dumbulubi dumb~~

Wakaka!! That’s my word, simply created lo, to match me…

Le le le..don’t sweat!!

As you know, I assumed you read the newspaper; there has been an upsurge of Denggi cases which are reported in Malaysia.

The statistics of Denggi cases as provided in Guang Ming Daily, dated 27th April 2008:

Selangor 3742 cases

KL 1190 cases

Perak 1184 cases

There are even 25 victims were died because of the Denggi.

So people, do you hate mosquitoes?

Me me me!! I hate them the most.

For some reasons which I don’t know, mosquitoes simply like to feed on Hitomi. Pity her la…so many marks…wuu wuu!!

So no matter how, Hitomi wants to kill them all…especially this dangerous Aedes mosquitoes!!

The way is to DESTROY their BREEDING PLACES!!

Wakaka…see these vicious mosquitoes die or not!! Wakakak!! ( Pretending to be a bad guy!! Which ended up in a cute way of laughter…)

Oh ya…my younger brother was actually a victim of these vicious mosquitoes when he was still small…

He was hospitalized for don’t know how long ( I was still small ma, how to remember so many details?) and was finally cured because the doctor managed to detect it earlier.

Thank goodness!!

Ways of killing:

1# Explore your housing area. Remember each and every tiny space, which you may be left out!!

2# Prepare some packets of Apex, brush, gloves & anything you need.

3# Look for stagnant water. Anywhere, anything that can hold water. Whenever you spot any of them, remember to pour out the water and washed the container. For those containers which are intended to hold water, just pour the Apex into it. Larva cannot live in hypo tonic condition! If that water is for consumption, do not add Apex unless you want to kill yourself. Just change it frequently & never leave it untended.

4# The final step will be placing them in a way that it will not hold water. If it is rubbish then throw it to recycle!!

That’s all I think.

SO do work out your time to check out whether the vicious Aedes is breeding in your house.

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