May 21, 2008

Grieve of Szechuan victims

There is something BIG happened when I was on the trip.

A severe earthquake has landed on the province of SiChuan at the magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale.
Most of the eastern SiChuan are affected.
The quakes were so powerful that even Chong Qing, and BeiJing can feel the tremble of the quake.

Many has lost their lives.
Many has lost their beloved.
Many has their homes destroyed.

What is the most heart-breaking is you see someone you love die in front of you but you can do nothing to help them.

That's why many parents are willingly sacrificed themselves to protect their children.
That's why children being found alive in the rumbles even though the have been trapped for more than one week.

Hey people, don't you realise how lucky you are??

What should you do
to thank GOD for not letting this happened to you?
to help the victims to overcome their sorrow and start their new life?
to let them know we, as outsiders, do care for them?

SO people, do whatever you can to help them, either monetary or morally...

Donate your money to them
Help them rebuild their homes even though we cannot help to bring back their beloved.

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