May 26, 2008

First Day of Being Advanced

It was a tiring day as I made it so ^^

The first day at college - what's your feeling? Messy
Well...let me explain why.

The very morning I reached my college around 8.30am and was being knocked by the guard at entrance.
He said: Tak ada sticker tak boleh masuk
I said: Saya nak ambil sekarang ni.
He said: Sekarang ambil sekarang tampal.
OK OK....I went to get it immediately.
I drove all the way in to car park inside college while the guard wasn't aware of me.
( silly is he talking nonsense...tak kan I got down of my car and then go take sticker...adui!!)

I need the car sticker urgently for fear that troubles that follow if I don't.
You know la...need to park outside...some more the parking is always full when 8.00am...need to go round and round to check for empty parking places...if so unluckily your tires will be punctured if you park at residential area..too many to be specified!!

I managed to get a temporary vehicle pass. Thanks to Choon Hoe for lending us the time table ya!!
Soon after I placed my temporary pass in my car, I strode to DK C with Charis.

The first image once we went in: early ar people??
The DK was damn full, and I guess hardly be any seat available for us anyway.
We stood at right behind there chit chatting with friends for awhile then only we decided to find a place.
THANK GOODNESS there were two empty seats at the top front row...LOL

We waited and waited...Patience was being utilized to the fullest I would say because after 35 minutes of throng in the DK then only the lecturer appeared in the throng.
Lecturing all the way..Promoting the books that we OUGHT to have them.
Practically saying there is nothing special to be in DK C today.
Wasted out time. TOO BAD~~

We were being told to dismiss around 10am and we felt reluctant to go home yet.
Then waiting again for them to discuss where to go..
10 Minutes Passed.......
30 Minutes Passed.......
Still there is no certain location being determined on.
Well....waited again and again then we decided to abandon them and Charis and I went to Times Square for movie, lunch, shopping...

The very first thing we did was to lunch.
Another question arises: Where shall we lunch?
Another tour along Times Square before we finally decided to lunch in Teppanyaki.

See what we had there>>>

Proudly presents SUKIYAKI
(The moment we saw this big bowl, we were so shocked and it can actually feed two pax. So next time if you want to save money, you can share this with your friends. But be mindful that it is not worth the price because it is more like vege than anything else, although you have egg, A prawn, dong fen...)


Salmon Temaki. We felt it was too much with this side order because the unexpected big bowl of Sukiyaki.
( It can be said crudely done and personally I think there is nothing special with it...)

We were so damn full after eating all these.
We did after all. We walked to buy our movie ticket of Narnia and walked to Sungai Wang and do some shopping.

We passed by this new shop called Hello Planet and we paid them a visit. Bought nothing.Haha...

My legs are tired la man...why I wore high heels...Adui!!
But at least Charis managed to buy her new Myvi a pair of pillows and also sit belt decorators.
Mission unaccomplished: College Bag

Then we headed for movie>>>

Both of us watched the first episod and found that this movie is good enough.
My Rating: 4 over 5

The movie is basically talked about Prince Caspien in Narnia, whom fled for life when Miraz wanted to kill him and let his own baby boy sit the throne. He went in the deep jungle and bumped into Narnians, which are comparably tiny to normal human beings. He then built up an army with Narnians to fight for the kingdom which falls into the hand of King Miraz, alongside with the help of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Finally Narnians ruled.

There are few elements of laughters, which both of us found it particularly funny and surprise for such unexpected element in the movie. It was as good as the first one. I bet you will enjoy them!!

The movie lasted for 2and a half hours. By the time we finished it, it was 5 something.
Then Charis waited for her parents to fetch her while I myself drove back alone.

The lanes were packed with cars>>>

It added to my tiredness of my legs at the end of the day...MOre over my car is manual based...Sob~~


  1. charis9:58 PM

    hye..i hope u have a great day yea.. nice hanging out wit ya!=] cheers..

  2. Jack Lim12:06 AM

    so bad ler u...go to bukit bintang area din find me...
    ms bad..

  3. hitomi>charis

    Not bad is my first time hanging out only with one friend.



    Aiyoyo...sorry la mr oldie I forgot le...


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