May 28, 2008

Fail to dream, Dream to fail

There is sometime ago which I recalled this quote:

"If you fail to dream, you dream to fail."

Dreams are important to provide us a tonic to excel in life.

Without dream, we will have no purpose in life.

Where we will be? What we will do?

All of our questions will only be answered with question mark itself.

Dream also can be known as goal in life.

What do you hope to achieve, let’s say, 10 years later?

If you know what’s your dream, you can plan now.

What are you going to do to make your dreams come true?

Then you can start working hard now.

If you not dare to dream, then what is your purpose you live in this world?

Just to pass one day by one day without any achievement that you are proud of or can show off to your grandsons?

Then your days without dream will be very monotonous and insignificant.

Since you don’t know what’s your dream, you will just do things simply without any purpose.

It will be effortless for whatever you do.

Just ask yourself. What actually do you want?

Regardless of the impracticality of the dream, still it is a dream.

It is up to you whether you just think about it and do nothing or you think and you do it.

So DARE TO DREAM and YOU WILL EXCEL, if only you work hard for it.

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