May 3, 2008

Day 5 of Working

Yeppie yep…today is day 5 of working.

In term of place of working, today is somewhere near my college, Setapak.

Haha…FYI ( for your information ) I usually work at Genting Klang ( GK ) as a Piano Teacher in Setapak Music. Just for Saturdays.

It is opposite of KFC but to be more accurate it is beside of the Affin Bank in GK.

Anyone interested to learn piano, please feel free to drop by o! Of course look for me la…abo why I promote le…^^

I will be on a trip to Lang Tengah this coming 10th of May2008, of which it falls on Saturday.

Initially I thought of going to work the morning and then go to TAR College again in the night at 10.30 to depart to the island.

However I felt quite reluctant to work on that day plus why I want to waste my petrol to travel twice to the same area?

That’s why I chose to replace them, most of it by today using all my break time, and leaving me no time to lunch…sob~~

If you have been following my posts for past months or years, you will remember a post of a student whom I found that she is quite negligent.

She always wants to play in class time, and don’t want to play the piano and not doing her homework.

What a brain cracker!! Whose brain?? Of course mine la!!

Today she has made me so pissed.

I asked her, to be more accurately, to lure her to play the piece for me, but still she was so enjoyed in fussing around.

Moreover she was so sensitive, like to irritate people when she is not happy when I said something.

What she has done is she drew on my book, which I found it quite irritating and annoying!!

She is no longer a small kid of 5 or 6 but a standard 5 student, can’t she be more mean?!!

Immediately she fell quiet and two of us didn’t say anything.

Instead, she wrote on paper and showed it to me.

I was really fed up sometimes with her and replied: “ why not you go and get another teacher??”

She knew I was pissed and then she was quite obedient then.

What I asked her to do she did it. I even grabbed the opportunity to teach her a good lesson. “Why you always play play play…always didn’t do what I said?” “ Next time only have break time after you did what I said” etc…

By the end of the class, she told me that she has hid something in my pencil box and insisted that only after she left then only I can read them.

Well…I followed. Wanna know about the content?

I was kind of touched. Haiz…just hope that she learned to be more obedient next time.

She is just too lazy to do so. I also not understand why she wants to waste time in learning piano if she didn’t want to learn?

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