May 1, 2008

Day 3 of Working

Today is Day3 of Working, but somehow the title is a misnomer. I spell it correctly?

Yaya!! It is wrongly entitled. Today is 1st of May, if I say working you will be gaping at me asking: “ how come still working??”

Hitomi will then answer: “Aiyo…tomorrow I will not be working ma, because got a mission impossible. So I am thinking to work today lo.”

Guess where am I now?

At 1st of May 2008 12.35pm, I am here, at home, in front of my “matured” PC typing this post.

Wah…so free ar??

Actually today I not yet go work. Haha…want to know why?

Another lazy pig busy pigging… I set my alarm at 7.30am to wake up.

Yes yes yes..I did wake up and off my alarm so that it won’t disturb others & then Hitomi was so bravo that she tottered back to her lovely, warm, welcoming, embracing bed and continue zZzzZZzz

By the time I woke up it was 9.00pm. Aha!! So punctual for work ar?? (Sarcastically asked)

Then my mom said: “ You have no double pay la…so later if the order comes then only I call you to be sticker lady again la…”

Hitomi: “ eerrrrrrrr….okie okie….” Then she woke up and brushed her teeth and ate her laksa.

She has bad flam when she woke up but still eating laksa for this particular morning.

(PM: Jeffery don’t need to le me la…I know what you are going to say when you saw this)

Well..I done some of tidying job. It was nothing. Just for clearing some rubbishes for recycle!!

I like the idea of it. I wanted to be environmental friendly.

So anybody who is looking at this post, please be hardworking a bit to protect your environment by contributing your little effort to recycle. Don’t waste your time go shopping or go movie-ing or whatsoever.

Well…for another part of my day. I went to work. As usual, I am sticker lady again lol. Except that today I was kind of confused with which sticker should be used, how many should be printed, bla bla bla…I also did something I ain’t need to do so. What a waste of my time & energy….

What is even stupid which I found I am, is that I actually finished a whole day job in a half day time. Shit shit…but earning half day pay and no double pay for labour day!! Haiz…why I overslept le……………………..

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