May 30, 2008

cReatiVe Sculptures

Adorable dolphin of Banana...

Pleeeeease don't be so Silly for swallowing the kniFeeee....

Mr Tomato said: Come over my dearly cauliflower sheepies....

Let the tHrrrrrill beGins.....( looks scary!!)

oh My Dear, pleeease DOn't leave me!! or else I would ScrreW my own Head..(threatening huh?)

Cute little egg yoke cradle & cute little eggie...

Nice butterfly!! I want it too...can someone do it for me? i will return it with a kiss...Blek~

Serenely sitting alone...Pooor little violin, I supposed?

I wonder how to make such a nice house?!?

Caaan Somebody Help Mr Orangie??

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