May 29, 2008

10 things guys hate about girls

Is it true? How about you tell us?? Kindly drop your comment after you scan through the facts^^

1# Stop asking us to call you every damn day.

We do have our own life and not only revolve around you. Please give us some privacy or spaces. Calling needs to incur costs too…

2# stop taking hours to get ready for a date.

Waiting is not fun if it becomes a habit. It makes us like an idiot to wait your change your outfit again and again but ended up wearing the first outfit you have taken off earlier.

3# NO smoking

We don’t like girls to smoke. Don’t ask why. [ Personally I think it deals with ego.]

4# Not every meal has to be in classy, posh places.

We do not print money. So when you plan your meal, think of our pocket too..

Once or twice a month is ok but not every day!!

5# When you make us go shop for 4 hours bit ended up buying the shirt from the first shop

WE do not like shopping with girls because of this very reason. Do think for us, our feelings and abused feet.

6# Period is not an excuse to be mean.

Do not scream at us or freaking out on us. We do have our own feelings and being mean on us once a month is not right at all…

7# Keeping too plain.

We do not mind if you dress to be hot. There is nothing wrong with showing some skin.

8# There is nothing wrong with girls making the first move.

Normally guys is the one who move first. There should be an exception because we find it flattering as you are confident with yourself and how keen you are on us.

* Content extracted from magazine.

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