Apr 4, 2008

Tips of Staying In a Hotel

Since I am going to have my holiday soon, I will like to share this particular article of which I came across in newspaper, which dated back to 24 August 2006.

Perhaps you believe in ghosts or spirits, to those who do not believe it, still it is better to follow some to-dos and not-to-dos because nobody wants to let some indecent experiences to screw up your whole sweet, and well-planned vacation!!

There are To-dos and Not-to-dos when you are on vacation and staying in a hotel, resort, or chatel.

After you get your key or card to your room and head to your room, there is something you should bear in mind. Before you unlock the room, do press the door bell, or knock the door 3 times. This is to notify who-you-know. Then, before you step in, just say: "Excuse me, I am coming over here to stay overnights." and say it again with your body inclined to the wall, as if you are asking who-you-know to go politely, leaving a path for you-know-who to go.

Once you are in the room, just feel free to turn on all the lights, and flush the toilets, just to wash away those dirty things. Follows by opening the cabinets and drawers, and lifting the bed sheet and hitting the pillow. All these are to request the you-know-who to go away.

When you sleep, don't feel wasted if you on a small lamp. It is to fill the room with some Lights(yang) and make you feel safer. About your shoes, just don't place it tidily. It is to avoid you-know-who wears your shoes at nights and you will be scared like chicken for hearing noises of your own shoes...It is advisable to place it one shoe upside down.

Aha...this is important for youths for not experiencing indecent experiences. Do not ever speak dirty words scolding you-know-who or challenging them. You will be freaking out if you are so unlucky. If there is those bibles, or some holy books around, just let it be like it is and do not close it or flip it because the pages it show is not simply a book as you think it is. Do ask for another room if you can.

If you are so unlucky to get the rooms at the end of the corridors, or near the lifts, do ask for changing the room if can because those rooms are usually vacant and kind of creepy.

There are sometimes just ok if you do not open each and every drawer in the room because something might be hiding inside and so happen that when you suddenly see something you are so scared of. Just leave them some privacy!!

Rooms with ending number "2" and "5", these numbers are you-know-who's favourite. If you are so unucky, you may meet them face-to-face!

If the bed is facing the mirrors, it is also better to avoid them by sleeping another way round because it will attrac you-know-who to disturb.

This one is most obvious sign that the rooms maybe haunted. If you feel uneasy and creepy when you first entered the room, just ask for changing the room because there is nothing else you will expect besides them.

If so happen that the beds are shaking, the television or lights turn off and on by themselves, the drawers are being pulled in and out, it is dangerous if you still want to stay in because you may have offended you-know-who and accidents maybe happening. JUST LEAVE THE ROOM IMMEDIATELY!!

Here are only some guidance for a nice and enjoyable trip!! Cheers!!

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