Apr 8, 2008

5mega pixel Sony Ericsson G900

2# Sony Ericsson G900 [Coming Soon]

Woohoo…another 5-mega pixel phone!! Simply love it. It is available in two shades of colours, which are dark red and dark brown. Its camera comes with auto focus and 3x digital zoom. Another feature is picture blogging! Simply suit me as a blogger.

Its features are almost same with C902. With radio function, you can tune into your favourite stations whenever and wherever you are. You can fix your photo with photo fix and photo light. Take better pictures with image stabilizer and video stabilizer. Listen t better music with MegaBass technology, or even browse the net with Web Browser.

However it has more to offer.

This phone comes with touch screen of which you can easily navigate with fingers or even stylus. Handwriting recognition software enables you to write your text input. It does a lot of help if you need to take down important notes. You no longer need to find for papers and pen because G900 can do you the favor!!

Along with wi-fi function, you can just go surfing online at hotspots. Blogging can be done everywhere again!! As a 3G phone, you can call people and see them in real time. Symbian OS also enables the users to download any software that you want to customize your hankie!!

X-Pict Story can create impressive slideshow, along with sounds and transitions. Document editors and document readers let you read and edit your documents in handphones even without laptop or desktop. How good is it if you are in the pubic transport and having nothing to do, you can just take your phone out and do the work on the spot. What else I can say?

For more information, simply go to http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/mobilephones/overview/g900?cc=my&lc=en to see it for yourself!!

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