Apr 24, 2008

Shall we have a Toast??

I am so happy now. At last, I have cleared all my papers for Diploma In Business Studies (Accounting). Oooo..that was yesterday...haha!!

My 2 years in TARC has definitely being paid off. NOw that I am an official graduate. I know I am, because I trust myself. The last two papers was said to be done quite beautifully, even though I did lost some of the facts while scrutinising my brain. That was not a big deal since I have choice for my questions. I really hope that I can actually get two nicely printed 'A's on my result slip, which will be undoubtly increase my CGPA for one last time.

I hate my 2 English papers and one Audit paper. How can they grant me a 'B'!! So-called language paper, I simply don't like the idea of it, even though I did scrap an 'A' for 1119, which personally I do not know why and how? IN my memory, I only did one factual essay, that's it and that's all. As for audit, I really don't know why. I thought I presented myself pretty well in tutorials, but how come my result will be 'B'? Really stupid for puling my CGPA from 4.0 to 3.8831 for now. Hope I will not drop any further because I want to get FULL SCHOLARSHIP for my advanced AFA, which requires a minimum of 3.85 CGPA, if I am not mistaken.

Oh my....CAn't we have a break??

Yaya..of course you do. NOw I am having my holiday...so called...because only Resit papers follows after FF and CL, which I have resit non of them.

AGain, good luck to all who resit. Wish you can successfully clear the papers!!

I am now having one month holiday. TOday is the very first day. What shall I do? Going out? NAh...not too frequent, as I only watched a movie yesterday, with the title Definitely, Maybe. If you are to ask me how is it,I will say average movie to me, because the whole story revolves around the main character, which is the guy named William Hayes in the movie. HOw he fell in love with Emily, Summer & April, and the story involves lots of dumping scenes.HOw he kissed so romantically with her girlfriend. HOw he got to the top of his career and being thrusted off so badly until he really gave up himself.

Well...what am I going to do? housework(Always is a must)? Planning for my Lang Tengah trip(haha...Definitely Cool...but not so early)? Cleaning my stuffs (nah you know, those books and notes and paper scraps...MAYBE)? DO some composing (Aha...I think I will because I got an idea this morning while I was bathing...haha...don't laugh because sometimes idea just popped out in your mind when you do not expect it to be...YES YES)? what else?

hmm....Blogging (YUP YUP..that's definitely MY very First choice)..however I afraid that my stupid line will drop my line anytime. I just cannot understand why lately, which means two days past, my line was not stable at all. SOb~~I had not access to my blog for 2 days!!! Well...If this problem persist, I will definitely called the TM net to make my COMPLAIN!!!

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