Apr 16, 2008

PIkom Pikom BOm BOm BOm

Pikom Fair was once again back to KLCC Conventional Centre.
On the first day itself, which was the next day of Accounting Night 2008, Jeff and I decided to shop although both of us were much exhausted after the event for we had been shooting pictures and videos.

This is Jeff's shopping bag, don't you think it look cool? I do, that's why I asked for another empty one. One for his router, another one for the scrap papers for recycling!!

And this is mine. Olympus shopping bags.

With all these scrap papers inside...

Among the papers, I like this most!! because the mascots are simply so AdoooOrable!! I even asked Jeff to ask from the promoters haha...

And these along with the purchase of my camera...

HOw can I forget this?? my pinkish camera...feminine or not?haha....I quite like the shade of pink.

Well this model comes with 8.0 megapixel ann 3x optical zoom. It is 17mm ultra slim body, which is exact;y what I want. The outlook is not bad. It is handy but kind of simple. At first after I bought it, I kind of regret for not buying the Samsung L100 because I can test with more functions rather than the conventional camera function which FE-320 offers. Anyway, I have bought it so I cannot say much. The price is RM675 deducting the extra battery and including the upgrade of 1GB memory card to 2GB memory card.

Below are shots taken for testing my camera...

There is still something blur in it, perhaps it was due to the lights.

After being zoomed...

Not only I managed to get all those as mentioned above, we actually got ourselves nice deals of printing photos for FREE!! You just need to fill in your details and you will automatically get 5 printing of photos FOC. This booth just next to this stall which I bought my camera : )

Well well...we actually surveyed around before we decided to buy any of them. We walked the whole halls from Hall 1 to Hall 5. Here are some which we tested on that day...

Panasonic Lumix FS5/FS3 > we tried on the FS3 because it is around 699 or 799 ( I also not sure). It comes with 8.1 Megapixel and most outstanding of all, it has the IA technology, which helps the user to choose the best mode for shooting. It means you ain't no need to headache of choosing the mode you think it is suitable and it will automatically changes for you. However, because my budget is around 600-700, so I dump the idea of buying it!

Samsung L110/L100> same thing here. We tried on L100 because it only cost me 699. It comes with 8.2 Megapixel, face detection and image stabilizer technology. The outlook of it quite simple, but i don't really fond of it. If you are a user who likes to explore with more functions, you can buy this model because it serves you with 3 modes, the auto function (which most of the cameras have), semi-auto function, manual function ( which you can set your own ISO, shutter speed etc.). The ISO is only 1600.

Kodak M853 also not bad. First of all the price is ok. As you can see, it comes with 8.2 megapixel. Nothing much to say. At first I do want to buy this model because he offered me RM600, but Jeff said that the brand is not really popular, that's why in the end, I didn't buy this and buy FE-320 instead.

This is the Fujifilm brochure. We tested this Z100 but Jeff commented the quality is not that good because the pictures taken were quite blur. SO don't buy it!!

Both of us had spent more than RM700 on that day and so we did not want to miss out for any redemption bonus offered by Pikom. To my surprise, only these were given. A note stander and another coupon for learning of Microsoft. To me, it was kind of useless. What to do? You want or not first?

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