Apr 6, 2008

Mixtures of Feelings

Yesterday night, another shocking incident happened. Luckily it was not turned up to be an accident. I followed my mom and aunt to nearest shopping location , namely NSK, which is located in Selayang Baru.

It was a place where they sell things with lower prices as compared to outside. Trust me! Last time my mom used to say I don’t like to shop there because all the foreign workers always frequent it. But now, see, my mom herself was asking to go there simply because the things there are Cheaper!!

My mom wanted to buy a sweater for her working place because she needs to go in and out the cold room, which is regulated at the temperature of –18 Celsius. That is very cold you know!! Especially she needs to go in there for half an hour or shorter to check the stock.

Perhaps you will ask why buy there but not other place? Well…the trick is you can buy second hand sweaters with just 10 bucks. How cheap is it!! However, my mom ended up buying the first hand at 20bucks. Hahahahahaha….the very first reason is after we bought the 20 bucks sweater, then only we bumped into the shop selling 10 bucks sweater!!!! No choice la mom…you have bought it. If your sweater cannot stand the cold, then we come here and buy again lol…

This is it!! 20 bucks sweater!!

While we were on our way to NSK, I nearly knocked into a coming motorcycle. I swear I really didn’t see it. I was too concentrating on the MPV which was also coming alongside with the motor. Shit la….My mom did warn me but I thought she was mentioned about the MPV. It ended up the motorcyclist thumped my car. Luckily I was with my mom and aunt, if not, I don’t know whether the motorcyclist will hit me or not. Sob~~~~~~~~~~~

I was kind of in trauma, it made my mood went way way down like in the gorge. Then, eventually I came across some nice slippers and caps. My mood was uplifted. Now I understand, besides desserts, beautiful things can help to make you feel better. Or should I say, Shopping will make someone feel happy!!

I bought myself an adorable and comfy beach war slipper, which is decorated with lady bird!! Muacks…so nice you know. The price is economical too as it is only RM8.90. So nice that I pleaded my mom to buy me for my coming Lang Tengah trip. Hooray!!

Cute cute Lady Bird!!

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