Apr 27, 2008

Make Up Show by Artistry

Have you ever heard of Artistry? It is a brand name under Amway. You can check it out through the link.

This particular make up show is organized by Crown Network Associate, which is located at 133-1, Jalan Besar, Salak South, 57100 Kuala Lumpur. The theme>>

The venue is very small like a small office. At first, I thought it is very grand, but it is not. Sweat~~

Let me introduce you the emcees for the day>>

Haha...sorry for such a dim picture.

And here are the models whom being make-up by their stylists. Each of them represents a race, which I personally think, such as Chinese, Malay and Indian. Of course there are some other country too.

These two models whom I particularly like their make-up and their overall outlooks.

And look who's behind that make-up for them>>

These two shots were taken while they rested after another catwalk.

And this is HitoMi^^ without make-up

Transformation takes place>>another HitoMi^^ kidding la...just being make-up by my friend who invited me over, Winnie, who is my former colleague.

Behind the passenger seats are another two friends of Winnie
1# another Winnie with the same English name, and was seen to be blocked
2# the one looked into my camera, whom I forgot her name again..so Paiseh!!

Aha....time for voicing...
The overall make-up show is just so-so for me, because I personally think they ought to be more grandeur and more extreme make-up. One more thing is it looks more like promotion for their products and the courses they are offering rather than a real make-up show. Anyway, I do not know whether it should be so commercial or not.

Is it all o make-up show tend to be so commercial?

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