Apr 27, 2008

Lim Keng Yaik

Dato' Seri Lim Keng Yaik has retired from politics just before the General Election in 2008. I am not really know about politics but I do know him, to the least, I heard of his big name.

Know him of his fluency in speech, as you know, words are the best sword ever!!
Know him of his frankness in addressing the pressing issues without afraid of the threats.

He is quite funny, which I think a politician will never be.
He always jovial enough to come out with jokes to address the politic issues.

Here are some which I found in Guang Ming Daily newspaper, dated 27th April 2008:

1# I'm so old and come such a long way but my leg never pain. Why? Because I have no "pain leg" (secrets which cannot be known) to be pulled. Haha.....

2# An Indian politician said someone offers RM65 million to buy him ( you know, buying his help). Does he worth RM65 million? Its' definitely bull shit.

3# Anwar is a good speaker, even the birds on the tree will be persuaded to fly down.

4# MCA looks into a mirror but the reflection is UMNO.

I do believe that humans need to change, whenever we have to. SO do him.

He said that politic parties should have realized the transformation of people's thoughts in politics. We, as Malaysian, no longer buy the idea of one party for one race, which evidently proved itself in the latest General Election 2008. Instead, they should have ventured into multi-racial path.

We want JUSTICE and EQUALITY but do you think we can attain both of them, people?
We can fight for injustice but how about equality?

As a Malaysian, we should have accepted the fact that we cannot change the rights of Malays. However, we can fight for JUSTICE. (haha...it reminds me of Master Pao...and the song which started off like this: Tai gong you ge bao qing tian, tie mian wu xi, bian zhong jian....bla bla bla...)

This point I do agree. Forcing EQUALITY will only cause another 513 tragedy and we as Malaysian will have to suffer the consequences if UMNO merge with PAS or other Muslim-oriented political parties.

Do you want a Muslim country? I don't want!!!
I like Malaysian in a way that we can still have out freedom to decide our own religions. What's your say??

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