Apr 6, 2008


Yesterday I was being ffk so many times.

Supposedly my students will be arriving at 9.30 as promised and hence I woke up damn early in the morning at 7.50am so that I won’t be late.

By the time I was driving to Genting Klang, I got a message from my students saying that they have things to catch up, and they will not be free for the whole day. What to do? I was already in my car and heading half way there. (Lamenting~~)

Fine, fine. I arrived shortly. While waiting for my next student at 10.30am, as usual, I searched for my CL notes and had my revision awhile. I could not help to concentrate though. Why like that geh??

The next student was coming by 11am. Again, at the last minute, he called up and center and said that he would not be coming for class. What the?? This was the second time being ffk yesterday. Now that I have to wait from 11am to 1.30pm - Another boring and helpless session.

I tried my best to concentrate but somehow I could not orientate myself at the place. Oh my God!!!

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