Apr 8, 2008

KLCC Rape Case

Recently there are rape cases happening in KLCC toilet near cinema... 2 girls went into the toilet, they were gang rape by a few man believe to be Malays or Bangladeshi. These animals put the pail & mop outside the toilet so that nobody will enter the toilet assuming cleaning is going on.

They open all the water taps so that no one can hear anything from outside... One of the victims is now suffering from mental problem...

A lady accompanied by boyfriend to the ladies, boyfriend was waiting outside the toilet. In such a short period of time she was rape by a few man. This boyfriend was very sad and angry, he disclosed the incident in the net.... All the above happened in KLCC near cinema toilet....

Ladies! Please be extra alert!!!Spread around please!!
Kindly take precautions of KLCC - Rape Cases at Toilet Cinema

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