Apr 30, 2008

Day 2 of Working

Haha...here comes my fresh post for today.

Actually many things happened just before today.
My mom was actually so fed up with the job because of the low pay and also the long hours of OverTime that she has to do. She fretted about this matter the night before.

She dislikes OT because she missed her favourite show at 9.30pm - Age of Glory or Qing Qian Nan Yuan and also she has no time left for herself to rest. What I mean is enough rest.
The show is my favourite too!! Simply like the theme song & the ending song.
Not only that, the boss actually promised to increase her pay this month, but ended up it still the same.

Today she was so depressed and upset the whole morning and afternoon until she told the manager about quitting her job.
She even cried, which I have no idea when. Maybe she was too stress & need some STRESS-OUT.

When lunch break, my dad whom is such a loss-of-head person actually went out to have his lunch without locking the main gate. It was so serious you know!!
I was like what-the....speechless~~~
My mom was again being upset to the most for how can my dad become such a big head prawn. This time I also don't want to defend for him. He ought to be scolded.

The morning before the lunch break I was so damn free, and I have nothing to do after I finished some.
Efficient ma...what to do??
But considering the work load itself it was quite pity.

I looked for anything to do but no. So I played games.
Don't care la... I really nothing to do ma..
Until 4.30pm I got my sticker lady task again...Wakaka!! The same process went on and on again until 5.30pm I cabut directly. This one really can say "100% timeliness" ( I was proud :p)

Again, my song for the day will be Jay CHou's Kung Fu, which is the theme song for Kung Fu Dunk which I gave a highest ranking in comparison of KFD & CJ7. The whole song starts with some murmurs or so-called rap, and heighten to the climax, tou fu tou fu lalalalalala.... I also don't know what's the lyric. Listen to the song here.

These two pictures were taken while I was sticking the plastic bags. Too boring lol...

There is a hole on the layers of puffy cloud!!

NO more hole but a tree. See it?? haha..


  1. Regina11:03 PM

    hey I love that show too~
    I live Melvin Sia but his acting tonight(singing that song), wah liao, totally spoil his image in my heart~

  2. aha,actually i didn't listen properly what is he singing also but i only know very bad la...

    hehe...really so serious meh? if he sang for you then will you still say so?

  3. regina10:55 PM

    haha~ you are right~ if he sings for me that will be a different case...

    *haih(shake head)~~ women~~*

  4. haha...women..mind telling me where do you come from?do you have your own blog?


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