Apr 29, 2008

Day 1 of Working

Aha.....damn tired man!!
Today is just the starting of my hectic days. But it would not be long, the most only 14 days!!

I am being paid RM30 or RM32 daily. Pity or not?? wuu wuu...some more need to work for 8 hours.

What's my job scope? A very good question!!
There you go, the answer is besides a general clerk job, I still need to be sticker lady.

Wakaka!! However, mostly are my mom's jobs. Supposedly if I am not there to ASSIST her ( but also being paid - good or not? ) to key in the stock in and out, and also be the sticker lady, she would have done it by herself or the production worker.

Well....key in stuffs could be pretty easy for me, including youngsters who always explore the PC.
About the sticker lady, well..the procedures would be:

Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut
Peel, Peel, Peel, Peel, Peel
Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick

[It goes on and on, and it is never ending. My vision also blur le...cannot concentrate!!]

Today I managed to do around 400++ plastic bags only although my task is to complete 600++ ( I went home straight away when the clock struck 5.30pm - Kookuu..Kookuu...)

Today, I keep humming this particular song & I think it would be my song for today, i.e. Day 1
Ben Xiang Yue Qiu by Wu Yue Tian
Even I was bathing just now, I was actually humming it and grooving my hands and legs. ( Le...too stress lol!! must enjoy a bit also.) especially the part: yi ke xin PU TONG PU TONG de kuang tiao....la la la...I only know this part...so I only repeat this again and again. WHATever la!!

Check out what I will post for tommorrow!!

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