Apr 8, 2008

Côte d’Or Chocolate

Have you ever heard of or ate this particular brand of chocolate? Côte d’Or…..

This is my second time I have my tongue licked to this Côte d’Or’s noir Noisettes Puur Hazelnoten ( I have no idea what language is this!!)

The brand has been established since 1883, with the image of an elephant raising its trunk, but I never hear of it before until one fine day, my relatives bought us one big bar of this chocolate.

It was so tasty that I cannot resist the temptation to buy it again during my trip to Langkawi. It costs RM9.50, which is the duty free price. Maybe you will think it is too expensive but you will not buy it in ordinary supermarkets.

Simply beguiling!! Want to have your mouth being moistures by the smooth creamy bittersweet dark chocolate with crunchy, crispy, nicely baked hazelnuts?? It is definitely worth the price. I can eat the whole bar by myself if I have no worries on my weight!!

Do you see how NUTTY it is??

The bitterness is simply nice and special. Perhaps I have eaten too much Cadbury that is always sweet. Other than that, still sweet and NOTHING ELSE!!

It comes with 12 small blocks with each and every block embellishes with the trademark of Côte d’Or Chocolate, which is the elephant. It is made in Belgium by Kraft Foods and bear the weight of 200gm per bar. If you never taste it, you should buy it!! Remember the elephant remember the name of Côte d’Or. There are more chocolates in www.cotedor.com.

Rating: 9/10


  1. nab lemmens9:47 PM

    puur hazelnoten. its dutch =) i miss eating this chocolate. btw, where can i get this in malaysia other than langkawi?

  2. @ nab Lemmens :
    I believe you can scout at Cold Storage, Village Grocer, Isetan or other premium supermarkets. They might carry some of the products.


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