Apr 3, 2008


HOliday is coming!! HOoray...at last we can graduate our diploma course after 2 years of hard work there. (Do you work hard, my dear friends?)

This semester is our final semester...Yep Yep Yeppie!! So after this semester, we can have our holiday, although it was a bit short.

But thinking now, we have our CL coursework next thursday and then 2 weeks later our final, I really cannot help but feel kind of scary of not getting an A for myself. Last semester result was indeed a good warning sign because I really could not expect myself getting a B for first time in my 5 semesters.

I should have start my hard work now. Some more I need to ensure my dear would not fail his Business Statistics again...and also not failing any this semester. Dear, do you get my message?

The most headache part is that I have two holiday plans with me previously, which made me undecisive of whether to follow my dear's trip or my class trip.

My class trip is going to Lang Tengah, stay at Redang Lang Resort, 3d2n, included all meals, transportations, 3 snorkeling trips, 1 jungle trekking, 1 trip to Redang Marine Park( ticket need to pay ownselves). The overall expenses will be RM359.

Another trip of my dear is going to Pulau Redang. Initially, it was suggested to be 3d2n staying at Redang Beach Resorts, included all meals, transportations, 3 snorkeling trips. Overall is RM 400 max. However, my dear and I decided to follow them.

Eventually, their classmates suggest that 3d2n is not enjoyable enough because 2 days go to traveling and we only have 1 full day at Redang, so instead of 3d2n it is now extended to 4d3n, and the price is RM500. Some more if we want twin sharing the additional charges will be 80 per person, so it will be RM580. NOT INCLUDING OTHER EXPENSES SUCH AS BANANA BOAT AND BEACH PARTY!!

We think that it is kind of expensive for us. So we struggled to decide..which one to go? My class or your class?? How?? But his friends don't want him to put aeroplane and he said that he must join upon their requests. Struggling...how ar!!! why so hard to decide??

It has been weeks that we talked about this again and again and again. Finally, we made up our mind. We opt for Lang Tengah because the price is more ok for us, causing lesser bleeding to both purses. Still, his classmates are so disappointed and here again, I wish to apologize on behalf of him because the promises we had made earlier.

SOrry!!! Hope you all have your nice trip!! and also thanks to dear for everything!!

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  1. hehe.. dear... i will try my best to pass the exam de... i dunwan fail a!!! i wan 2gether with u and graduate on same day!!! hehe...

    yalo.. the conflict really cause us fan jor few day le.. bt nw luckily everything is solved... we can just wait for the trip day comes liao... wakaka!

    dear... i also feel thankful for everything u do to me o! Wish we can last 4ever... hehe... i love u o! muacksss... muacksss... muacksss...

    (p/s: to my classmate who read this, im very sorry for not able to joining you all...i do hope to join but i do struggle in financial... so i decided to join my other friend at cheaper location... hope you all dont mind ya~)


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