Apr 2, 2008

Ching Ming

Ching Ming is on 4th of April every year. It is a day for the descendants to pay their ancestors a visit to their tomb and give some clearings of the wild grass that grow on the tomb itself. Not forgetting to pay some tribute by preparing foods for praying.

It is said that before 10 days and after 10 days of Ching Ming itself, you may visit the tombs, instead of going on that day. Previously we used to pay visits within 10 days after Ching Ming so that we can avoid the crowd that cram over to the cemetery before the 10 days. However, this year, my dad's brothers insisted to go before Ching Ming. What to do, we have to follow lo....

Well..30th of March that morning, I slept for only 3 to 4 hours, since I slept around 12.30am and woke up around 4.30am. Tired man...but still have to wake up so early. Simply because our destination is so so so so so farrrrrrrrr away...From Selayang Baru to Meru, Klang. Some more they insisted to reach by 5.

We care less of the time. By the time we went out, it was 5 am. We managed to reach around 6 am. But the traffic jam in front of the cemetery was so so so sucks man!!Simply because those self-centred people kept on cutting the queue and made the two way road into one way road. All cars wanted to go in but the cars wanted to go out just cannot make their way out. HOw "CONSIDERATED" are they!!! Where's your manner...???!!

We were stuck for an hour or more, and then we decided to take Bus 11 into the cemetery, since the traffic was SLOW AS TURTLE...There were so many many people inside the cemetery.

There were even more cars going in the cemetery, that eventually got stucked at the entrance due to the acts of uncivilized people.

That was not the worst part after all.. We reached late than expected. However, There was one brother of my dad's reached even later than us. We waited so DAMN long...for 2 hours or so, just because of him. I simply cannot understand why couldn't he just park his car aside and walked in like WHAT WE DO????!!!!

By the time we left for another 2 tombs at another cemetery, it was 12 pm SHarp...this was when the sun was burned mercilessly above our heads!! By the time I went home, my skin was reddish and ended up being darker as ever!!

When we came, it was jammed...When we left, it was Jammed too...Stupid la those people, why made our lives so suffering??!! We took another way to the next cemetery, which was unusually bumpy and rocky...because it was not tarred, and there were herds of cows there wandering along the roadside. So scary man as we nearly bumped into one of the cows..See how fierce it was!!

The next two tombs are located at the very top of the hill, where we needed to climb up with all our strength and care for fear of tripping over. Tired le...mainly because I long time never exercise...wuu wuu...

I was so happy when we finally done our tasks finally....we took on our journey home around 4pm. Haiz...if not because of the stupid traffic, we may have been back around 2pm. Really cannot understand why they so STUBBORN...

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