Apr 24, 2008

Cannes Tea House : )

This is my very first time to this restaurant - Cannes Tea House, which is located in Jalan Genting Klang. For landmark, look for the KFC along the road. It is somewhere near KFC and at the same block of building.

The reasons why I was in this particular restaurant:
1# Jeffery said the food being served there are not bad. He went there for his classmate birthday.
2# Ho Chak recommended in TV - perhaps the main stimulant to me to try out anyway~!!

On that day, as soon as I have done my Company Law paper, and managed to come out half an hour earlier, Jeffery told me: " why Don't we go dine there since you wanted to?" And I was kind of surprise and replied: " Oh, ok...then we go!" (He went out half an hour earlier too!!) TOo bad my diet plan failed...

The restaurant almost the same like Ming Tea House, where they have few style of seatings which you can choose whichever you prefer. As for me, I chose to sit on the floor. Those like Japanese style seating...Others are normal tables and chairs like this>>

Our table is quite near the counter which serves the drinks. That girl is the bartender...haha...I am not sure whether the word "bartender" serves for this>>

If you are bored, you can ease yourself with choosing some games, like cards, unos, or even magazines>>

The walls are beibng painted in orange and green, which both look so swet to me. They decoated it with some unique paintings, for example, this>>

I like the silhouette of the lamp on the drawing.

Perhaps you will be curious with What we had there? Oh well...as what Ho Chak introduced>>

The Italian Omelette which cost RM7.90 (Yun YUn said it is vegetarian but we found chicken cubes...wakaka!!)
The taste is kind of scant. If you like heavy taste, I suggest you not to go for it. Or perhaps you will say, RM7.90 for an omelette? Haha...then you better don't eat this.

Instead you can go for this>>

This is the Portugal Green Curry, which I personally think it simply tantalises my taste bud for the day. If you eat this before the Omelette, you will simply say..how come it is kind of tasteless...You get me??

You can try out yourself and comment on this particular post too!!

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