Apr 13, 2008

Accounting Night 2008

Accounting Night 2008 was officially held in TARC college - Sport Complex at 10th of April 2008 ( of course la...abo 2007?) from 5 pm to 10 pm.

That day itself, my class ended pretty late, but still allowed me to have one hour or so to help myself in make up thingy. ( Honestly, I have not tried to make up myself before but on the night, I have to la....since Charis insist so..:p)

Here is a picture of Jeffery & I before we made up our way to Sport COmplex.

And these are uploaded upon Charis request...POsing as Charis said....

The event was supposedly to start at 5pm but then I bet nobody had went in, not until the clock stroke 6pm.

Here is the program flow, which it was expected to run in this way

5.30 pm Buffet Dinner
6.00 pm Open Dance Floor
7.00 pm Arrival of All Guest
7.15 pm Event starts with Speech by Head of Division & Opening Ceremony
7.25 pm Snips Fashion Show
7.55 pm OO Finalist Singing Performance
8.05 pm TT Champion Mirage Dancing Performance
8.20 pm Encore Champion Singing Performance
8.30 pm Guest Artist - Karen Kong
8.45 pm Mini Games
8.55 pm TT Champion & Finalist Group Performance
9.10 pm Speech by Ex- Chairperson & Installation of New Committees
9.25 pm Unplugged Finalist Performance
9.35 pm Special Guest Performance & Closing Ceremony
9.45 pm The End

Well...I supposed most of the guests were not as punctual. So do we :p!! We entered the dancing room, which was formerly the venue for SBS Night 2007 for our buffet dinner around 6 pm and expectedly found that there were such a big throng of people and such a long line for those who wanted to take their food. Have to queue up lo....wakak!!

The food was served by ....(Pending..Looking at the sponsorship booklet^^ surprisingly found nothing about the caterer...fine fine...) so called caterer, which has its business location at Rawang ( Near to Selayang...know?). The food was not so bad, but I wonder how much is the cost per pax.

About the dance floor thingy, somehow I wonder was there anyone at the dance floor by that time?

After we had our dinner, we headed all the way down to the Sport COmplex. Kind of amazed by the simplicity f the stage deco and the effect of combination with the lightning>>

The stage was never as simple as this, just a big poster of the theme of Isthmus and that's it and that's all.

The event started with the arrival of two emcees with the cool motorbikes, which normally those singers or stars will use. Waving to the crowds as they made their way to the stage from the entrance.COol~~as if they were the spotlight for the event...

The two emcees, Faizal and Pravin, whom both are borned as a emcee since they joined the TT night 2007
Frankyly speaking, they are both funny & jovial, but are they professional enough? I don't know...Somehow they actually brought up the heat for the event itself.

After the speech by Head of Division, we were almost dozed off by her hypnotizing& lovely voice...Then, what woke us up was the next performance by OO Finalist Singing Performance. NOW, look at the program again, wonder why Snips Fashion Show was not in? YA right...they FFK, so in the end, we had no fashion show...oops, no, we did have, but not from SNIPS..tell you later.

Singing by OO finalist

NOt really know what was she singing...I just know la la la....

Next, it would be the Mirage, the winner of the TT NIGHT 2007. The first performance was a ballet.

Then group dancing, but still MIRAGE...haha..they surely got style, because that is why they won, I believe.

There is no hip hop or no street dance, theirs are simply special & cultural.

About the Encore Champion, I wonder was he or she appeared on that night. Blur @@

This was the greatest of all in the night. Karen Kong was Live in TARC again...although it was not the fresh first time but still we cheered for her. How proud we are because she was TARCIAN too...

This picture was captured by me with Jeff's K800i, what do you think? Nice pose huh??

For Karen KOng's video on that night, just go to Jeffery's blog. Just uploading the video had took him a great 1.5 hours. So, appreciate it!!

The sequences of performance was kind of mixed up. So I won't be mentioning which one comes first. This was the performance by Unplugged Finalist performance. It was done by a couple, only for this duet la I believe. Are they couple? haha...I have no idea at all... : )

Two songs were sang, of which jay Chou's duet, Rooftop ( Wu Ding ) and another musical song of Phantom of the Opera. The girl was doing her part pretty well...but then I don't really like the part she actually screamed. Somehow I felt that she has not done her best la...She was hardly breathed at the end of the songs, haha...maybe not in condition, as said by Jeffery.

Aha...this guy, did you see the guy in the picture with the full spikes on his head? The one in pink. haha...he is our SWC TOP M...that night he came with a girl, named Kaylie, if I am not mistaken. He kept flirting with her lol...His head kept moving..made us so exasperated for appearing in each and every picture that we took...Sweat Badly~~~

The program flow was totally messed up in the end. In the mini games, the emcees had called up the students who came at the nights and formed them into few teams. What they had to do was to make a fashion show, with their dresses for the nights. Talking about this, Charis and I actually felt so dumb for not wearing the spring dresses that she suggested earlier. If not, we were the one who will be standing on the stage and posed.haha!!

At the night itself, the special guest performance was so-called secretly remained unannounced. The guy was in the picture below.

About his name, I only remembered Barney because dear Charis was so shocked when she heard the name being mentioned. You know why? ( Shh...don't tell her that I told you ok? Because her ex was named Barney too...Don't care the spelling la...I don't know whether I spelled it correctly )

The show was ended after the Mr Barney performed. It was 10pm by the time. So we headed our home. Felt so tired for the whole day...some more the next day I was going to Pikom Fair to shop for my CAMERA!! hooray!!
This is the shot before I make up and was taken when we had our CL tutorials while Mr Lok was bla...bla.....bla...

These two are after make up....The effect not that good la because I am poor in this. Thanks to dear Charis for teaching me with such patience. haha...she simply looked so gorgeous after she make up. Haha...where like me...so cha le...
Taken at block Q classroom.

One more thing, Charis was so mean for imitating me and Jeff. She was so naughty le you know? Kept flirting with her friend, being nicknamed as banana...charis oh charis, you two really nothing o??

This is the goodie bag for each and every guest. Guess what inside?? Actually ho...you no need guess also know inside sure lots of papers for recycling lol.

besides papers, there are magazine and comic. Sweat%%$^$ I never like to read comic...

And these products, which are sponsored by their sponsors. Do they worth RM 30 as promised by the committees when coming to our lecture hall and did their C2C promotion?

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