Apr 4, 2008

5 megaPixel Sony Ericsson C902

Anyone who knows me will definitely know that I always yearn for a good quality camera phone. However it does not come easy because normally the price is always more than 1k, which I think it will be too pricey.

Sometimes I do wonder why don’t I just buy a good quality camera because I can get higher mega pixel with 1k. It is definitely better than that. But, considering the troublesome of carrying around, I do not really like that idea of that. Why not just simply combines two in one and carrying around, it is just so simple!

Well..what am I exploring now is 5 mega pixel camera phones.

1# Sony Ericsson C902. [ Coming soon ]

It is one of the latest models of 3G Sony Ericsson phones, which comes with Cyber-shot technology, which I always believe that it would give me better pictures. Now that the built-in camera comes with digital zoom up to 16x, anti blur, auto focus, photo fix, photo flash, BestPic, video stabilizer etc. In the dark , the flash light will be automatically activated.

BestPic is one of the technologies, which provides you 9 continuous shots, which you can just get the right timing pictures with just a shot. Say bye bye to mistiming pictures!! Photo fix is another good helping software, which you can just adjust, contrast and light of your pictures with an easy click. Along with video stabilizer and anti blur, no more worries to blurred videos or pictures.

Another thing, which I like about this phone, is that it provides FM radio, and I can have the convenience of just plug the earphone and start listening to my favorite radio stations, such as Fly FM. or Hitz Fm.

In this phone, there is a MegaBass technology, which can enhance your music. Simply so cool!! With PictBridge, you can just plug the cable from your phone to your printers. How easy it can be!!

C902 comes with two colors, which are Luscious Red and Swift Black. Its slim features, and 256MB built-in memory make it just right for easy keeping and frequent shooting. In case you lack of memory, you can just add in your own memory card. Another word I would say, Cool~~

For more information, simply go to http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/mobilephones/overview/c902?cc=my&lc=en
and browse for this model.

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  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Digital camera quality is always better than Camera phone quality...


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