Apr 13, 2008

5 megapixel K850i

3# Sony Ericsson K850i

K series of Sony Ericsson always come with promising nice camera phones. So do this K850i. Implemented the technology of Cyber-shot, this 5mega pixel camera comes with auto focus, image stabilizer, digital zoom up to 16 times, video stabilizer, Bestpic technology, photo fix, mainly to give you high resolutions, right timed pictures, even videos, which definitely suit a blogger for casual shots and there it goes the topic for the day. Even at night, or dark surrounding, still K850i can give you the pictures you want, with the help of xenon flash.

This phone enables picture blogging function, alongside with web browser access, NetFront Web Browser, again let you have the courtesy of having your own sweet time blogging whenever you feel bore or you have the fresh idea.

With 3G functions, video calls can be made to another 3G users. Say bye bye to conventional audio conversation, or text messaging, because NOW you can even see your beloved or friends live in your phone!!

Not only functionally amazing, there are three shades of colours of which you can match it with your own character. Luminuos green, velvet blue, or quicksilver black, whichever you think you prefer. If you are scrupulous enough, you can notice that C903, G900 and this K850i have a similarity in the design. These three models phones are decorated with different shades of lines at the sides of the phones, to make it more stylish besides all pitch black. So which one is your choice?

But wait, before you decide, just for your information, I personally tested the camera of the phone itself and found that it was not as good as K800i, because it takes time to capture a motion, which I found it is irritating and troublesome to get a good picture. Besides that, the buttons are so small which may not be user friendly. Now, think again before you buy….if you know how to play with it then it is another story.

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