Apr 30, 2008

Day 2 of Working

Haha...here comes my fresh post for today.

Actually many things happened just before today.
My mom was actually so fed up with the job because of the low pay and also the long hours of OverTime that she has to do. She fretted about this matter the night before.

She dislikes OT because she missed her favourite show at 9.30pm - Age of Glory or Qing Qian Nan Yuan and also she has no time left for herself to rest. What I mean is enough rest.
The show is my favourite too!! Simply like the theme song & the ending song.
Not only that, the boss actually promised to increase her pay this month, but ended up it still the same.

Today she was so depressed and upset the whole morning and afternoon until she told the manager about quitting her job.
She even cried, which I have no idea when. Maybe she was too stress & need some STRESS-OUT.

When lunch break, my dad whom is such a loss-of-head person actually went out to have his lunch without locking the main gate. It was so serious you know!!
I was like what-the....speechless~~~
My mom was again being upset to the most for how can my dad become such a big head prawn. This time I also don't want to defend for him. He ought to be scolded.

The morning before the lunch break I was so damn free, and I have nothing to do after I finished some.
Efficient ma...what to do??
But considering the work load itself it was quite pity.

I looked for anything to do but no. So I played games.
Don't care la... I really nothing to do ma..
Until 4.30pm I got my sticker lady task again...Wakaka!! The same process went on and on again until 5.30pm I cabut directly. This one really can say "100% timeliness" ( I was proud :p)

Again, my song for the day will be Jay CHou's Kung Fu, which is the theme song for Kung Fu Dunk which I gave a highest ranking in comparison of KFD & CJ7. The whole song starts with some murmurs or so-called rap, and heighten to the climax, tou fu tou fu lalalalalala.... I also don't know what's the lyric. Listen to the song here.

These two pictures were taken while I was sticking the plastic bags. Too boring lol...

There is a hole on the layers of puffy cloud!!

NO more hole but a tree. See it?? haha..

Apr 29, 2008

Day 1 of Working

Aha.....damn tired man!!
Today is just the starting of my hectic days. But it would not be long, the most only 14 days!!

I am being paid RM30 or RM32 daily. Pity or not?? wuu wuu...some more need to work for 8 hours.

What's my job scope? A very good question!!
There you go, the answer is besides a general clerk job, I still need to be sticker lady.

Wakaka!! However, mostly are my mom's jobs. Supposedly if I am not there to ASSIST her ( but also being paid - good or not? ) to key in the stock in and out, and also be the sticker lady, she would have done it by herself or the production worker.

Well....key in stuffs could be pretty easy for me, including youngsters who always explore the PC.
About the sticker lady, well..the procedures would be:

Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut
Peel, Peel, Peel, Peel, Peel
Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick

[It goes on and on, and it is never ending. My vision also blur le...cannot concentrate!!]

Today I managed to do around 400++ plastic bags only although my task is to complete 600++ ( I went home straight away when the clock struck 5.30pm - Kookuu..Kookuu...)

Today, I keep humming this particular song & I think it would be my song for today, i.e. Day 1
Ben Xiang Yue Qiu by Wu Yue Tian
Even I was bathing just now, I was actually humming it and grooving my hands and legs. ( Le...too stress lol!! must enjoy a bit also.) especially the part: yi ke xin PU TONG PU TONG de kuang tiao....la la la...I only know this part...so I only repeat this again and again. WHATever la!!

Check out what I will post for tommorrow!!

Apr 27, 2008

Lim Keng Yaik

Dato' Seri Lim Keng Yaik has retired from politics just before the General Election in 2008. I am not really know about politics but I do know him, to the least, I heard of his big name.

Know him of his fluency in speech, as you know, words are the best sword ever!!
Know him of his frankness in addressing the pressing issues without afraid of the threats.

He is quite funny, which I think a politician will never be.
He always jovial enough to come out with jokes to address the politic issues.

Here are some which I found in Guang Ming Daily newspaper, dated 27th April 2008:

1# I'm so old and come such a long way but my leg never pain. Why? Because I have no "pain leg" (secrets which cannot be known) to be pulled. Haha.....

2# An Indian politician said someone offers RM65 million to buy him ( you know, buying his help). Does he worth RM65 million? Its' definitely bull shit.

3# Anwar is a good speaker, even the birds on the tree will be persuaded to fly down.

4# MCA looks into a mirror but the reflection is UMNO.

I do believe that humans need to change, whenever we have to. SO do him.

He said that politic parties should have realized the transformation of people's thoughts in politics. We, as Malaysian, no longer buy the idea of one party for one race, which evidently proved itself in the latest General Election 2008. Instead, they should have ventured into multi-racial path.

We want JUSTICE and EQUALITY but do you think we can attain both of them, people?
We can fight for injustice but how about equality?

As a Malaysian, we should have accepted the fact that we cannot change the rights of Malays. However, we can fight for JUSTICE. (haha...it reminds me of Master Pao...and the song which started off like this: Tai gong you ge bao qing tian, tie mian wu xi, bian zhong jian....bla bla bla...)

This point I do agree. Forcing EQUALITY will only cause another 513 tragedy and we as Malaysian will have to suffer the consequences if UMNO merge with PAS or other Muslim-oriented political parties.

Do you want a Muslim country? I don't want!!!
I like Malaysian in a way that we can still have out freedom to decide our own religions. What's your say??

Make Up Show by Artistry

Have you ever heard of Artistry? It is a brand name under Amway. You can check it out through the link.

This particular make up show is organized by Crown Network Associate, which is located at 133-1, Jalan Besar, Salak South, 57100 Kuala Lumpur. The theme>>

The venue is very small like a small office. At first, I thought it is very grand, but it is not. Sweat~~

Let me introduce you the emcees for the day>>

Haha...sorry for such a dim picture.

And here are the models whom being make-up by their stylists. Each of them represents a race, which I personally think, such as Chinese, Malay and Indian. Of course there are some other country too.

These two models whom I particularly like their make-up and their overall outlooks.

And look who's behind that make-up for them>>

These two shots were taken while they rested after another catwalk.

And this is HitoMi^^ without make-up

Transformation takes place>>another HitoMi^^ kidding la...just being make-up by my friend who invited me over, Winnie, who is my former colleague.

Behind the passenger seats are another two friends of Winnie
1# another Winnie with the same English name, and was seen to be blocked
2# the one looked into my camera, whom I forgot her name again..so Paiseh!!

Aha....time for voicing...
The overall make-up show is just so-so for me, because I personally think they ought to be more grandeur and more extreme make-up. One more thing is it looks more like promotion for their products and the courses they are offering rather than a real make-up show. Anyway, I do not know whether it should be so commercial or not.

Is it all o make-up show tend to be so commercial?

Apr 26, 2008

Thanks for Playing this ^^

This is my another video taken with my Olympus FE-320. Haha...a song for you...

Remember to comment o!!

Apr 25, 2008

Newspaper doesn't harm? You are WRONG!!

If you are driving in Malaysia , do take note of the advice below.

Please pass this onto your friends. Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the road. It would appear that this technique has reached Malaysia from Indonesia .

Life here is getting more like in Indonesia these days. This story which was circulated to me reminds me of the traps set in certain parts of Jakarta by robbers.. Some people have lost their lives over this. They drive into certain lonely roads in Jakarta to find pieces of wood with nails in them on the road. This causes their tyres to go flat. If they get out of their cars, they are set upon by robbers who will take everything: their cars, wallets, anything valuable and sometimes their lives. Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the Road a new trap set by Robbers.

This incident happened some where in KL and forwarded to me by a friend. This person was driving alone at night when he saw newspapers lying around in the middle of the road. Without giving it much thought, he drove pass the stack of papers. No one would expect to find heaps of rocks and stones beneath the papers!! Wanting to know the damage to his car, he stopped to check.

Need I say more? The moment he got out of his car, he was robbed by a group of guys and lost his properties/belongings. Just imagine what would have happen if this had happen to a girl/woman....

So folks, please be careful, do not stop when you're driving alone at night no matter what ! Avoid driving over the papers if you see newspapers lying on the road, this could be a new trick for the desperate fraternity out there!!!!!!

Air Purifier makes Crime!!

Air purifier in Malaysia taxis ( Must Read for your own safety!! )

No matter the taxi driver is chinese, malay or indian, PLEASE BE AWARE! If you notice that there is a sound of spray of perfume or air purifier inside the taxi, PLEASE GET DOWN from the TAXI IMMEDIATELY!!

It just happened to me just now. It was about 12.45 am . I got into a taxi driven by a malay man. I was in the taxi for a few minutes, I suddenly heard of a sound of spray and there was a smell like air purifier. I felt weird as to why the driver put two types of air purifiers in his taxi. The smell immediately reminded me about this forwarded email that I read. I started to be aware of my surroundings. But the puff of the purifier kept appearing every few minutes. I was very worried and scared. Gradually, I sensed that my body started to feel weaker and weaker. The purifier kept puffing from the back seat, just right behind me. As I really felt my whole body is weaken, I asked the driver to let me get down at the side road. But he kept trying to talk to me and ask me why not dropping me off at my destination. I think he was trying to drag the time. To my horror, I felt both of my hands and legs got numbed and no energy, almost could not move. When I talked to the driver, I could not even speak properly, not to say to shout for help, 'cos I was really too weak...

Immediately, at a traffic light I opened the door, jumped out and ran to a passer-by for help. I really thank God for saving me. If not, I really can't imagine what would have happened to me. I am traumatised by this incident. This is TRUE case.

Please do keep in mind! IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! I feel the need to share with you guys, no matter you are men or women 'cos it is NOT a LIE , not a made-up story. It really happened. Do let your friends, family members and relatives know about this case. I believe you are just like me, don't wish anybody to be the victim of this case.

"Please be aware when aboard to a taxi, especially the ladies." I received an email some months ago about a lady getting into a cab and felt uneasy and become faint when she smelt something like incense being burnt. She was smart enough to order the taxi to stop immediately and after throwing some money at the taxi man quickly get out of the taxi. She later got to know that if she had not stopped the taxi and gotten out, she would have fainted and raped by the taxi man (or a gang of rapists)!

After reading this, I thought maybe this was one of those emails that you would read and just forget about it, but I was wrong! Few weeks ago, a visitor to our Chinese church who stayed in Puchong got into a taxi driven by an Indian man. When she sat into the taxi, there was a little burner and she could smell incense burning in the taxi. After awhile, she felt weak and unable to speak or shout. The Indian taxi man drove to a lonely road where there was hardly anyone and raped her. Before she was completely knocked out, she was told by the taxi guy that she was his number six victim. She was not only raped but also robbed! When she was conscious again, she quickly went to see a doctor. The sad thing is, the doctor knew she was raped but did not advise her what to do. The doctor just let her make the decision to make or not to make a police report.

Since she does not know the rapist name and also the taxi number and in great fear after this trauma, she told the doctor that she would not dare to report to the police. The doctor said since she dare not make the report, he would just have to destroy the medical report! Because the rapist took her whole bag with her IC in it, he got her address and even has the guts to come straight to her house and try to be funny with her.

Please remember not to get into a taxi that smells funny and if possible don't get into a taxi alone, and if you have to do so, give a call or sms back to your friends or relatives and let them know the taxi registration number and if possible, the name of the taxi man. AND OPEN THE WINDOW!

* If you came across this email too, please spread to your friends, families, and relatives. It does a lot of help. Public needs to know!!

Comic Part II

Haha...this is another part of the email which I received. Hope it makes your day.wakaka!!

Note: The comic is not my creation. ANy infringement of copyright please kindly inform me and I will remove it as soon as possible.

COmic Part 1

Here is some illustrations of which I received from my friend. Just want to share it with you. When you are bored, why not take a look at this?

Apr 24, 2008

Cannes Tea House : )

This is my very first time to this restaurant - Cannes Tea House, which is located in Jalan Genting Klang. For landmark, look for the KFC along the road. It is somewhere near KFC and at the same block of building.

The reasons why I was in this particular restaurant:
1# Jeffery said the food being served there are not bad. He went there for his classmate birthday.
2# Ho Chak recommended in TV - perhaps the main stimulant to me to try out anyway~!!

On that day, as soon as I have done my Company Law paper, and managed to come out half an hour earlier, Jeffery told me: " why Don't we go dine there since you wanted to?" And I was kind of surprise and replied: " Oh, ok...then we go!" (He went out half an hour earlier too!!) TOo bad my diet plan failed...

The restaurant almost the same like Ming Tea House, where they have few style of seatings which you can choose whichever you prefer. As for me, I chose to sit on the floor. Those like Japanese style seating...Others are normal tables and chairs like this>>

Our table is quite near the counter which serves the drinks. That girl is the bartender...haha...I am not sure whether the word "bartender" serves for this>>

If you are bored, you can ease yourself with choosing some games, like cards, unos, or even magazines>>

The walls are beibng painted in orange and green, which both look so swet to me. They decoated it with some unique paintings, for example, this>>

I like the silhouette of the lamp on the drawing.

Perhaps you will be curious with What we had there? Oh well...as what Ho Chak introduced>>

The Italian Omelette which cost RM7.90 (Yun YUn said it is vegetarian but we found chicken cubes...wakaka!!)
The taste is kind of scant. If you like heavy taste, I suggest you not to go for it. Or perhaps you will say, RM7.90 for an omelette? Haha...then you better don't eat this.

Instead you can go for this>>

This is the Portugal Green Curry, which I personally think it simply tantalises my taste bud for the day. If you eat this before the Omelette, you will simply say..how come it is kind of tasteless...You get me??

You can try out yourself and comment on this particular post too!!

My First Intro Video

Haha..this is the first video with my Brand New Olympus Camera!! Quality good or not?

Remember to support me. TQ from HitoMi^^

Shall we have a Toast??

I am so happy now. At last, I have cleared all my papers for Diploma In Business Studies (Accounting). Oooo..that was yesterday...haha!!

My 2 years in TARC has definitely being paid off. NOw that I am an official graduate. I know I am, because I trust myself. The last two papers was said to be done quite beautifully, even though I did lost some of the facts while scrutinising my brain. That was not a big deal since I have choice for my questions. I really hope that I can actually get two nicely printed 'A's on my result slip, which will be undoubtly increase my CGPA for one last time.

I hate my 2 English papers and one Audit paper. How can they grant me a 'B'!! So-called language paper, I simply don't like the idea of it, even though I did scrap an 'A' for 1119, which personally I do not know why and how? IN my memory, I only did one factual essay, that's it and that's all. As for audit, I really don't know why. I thought I presented myself pretty well in tutorials, but how come my result will be 'B'? Really stupid for puling my CGPA from 4.0 to 3.8831 for now. Hope I will not drop any further because I want to get FULL SCHOLARSHIP for my advanced AFA, which requires a minimum of 3.85 CGPA, if I am not mistaken.

Oh my....CAn't we have a break??

Yaya..of course you do. NOw I am having my holiday...so called...because only Resit papers follows after FF and CL, which I have resit non of them.

AGain, good luck to all who resit. Wish you can successfully clear the papers!!

I am now having one month holiday. TOday is the very first day. What shall I do? Going out? NAh...not too frequent, as I only watched a movie yesterday, with the title Definitely, Maybe. If you are to ask me how is it,I will say average movie to me, because the whole story revolves around the main character, which is the guy named William Hayes in the movie. HOw he fell in love with Emily, Summer & April, and the story involves lots of dumping scenes.HOw he kissed so romantically with her girlfriend. HOw he got to the top of his career and being thrusted off so badly until he really gave up himself.

Well...what am I going to do? housework(Always is a must)? Planning for my Lang Tengah trip(haha...Definitely Cool...but not so early)? Cleaning my stuffs (nah you know, those books and notes and paper scraps...MAYBE)? DO some composing (Aha...I think I will because I got an idea this morning while I was bathing...haha...don't laugh because sometimes idea just popped out in your mind when you do not expect it to be...YES YES)? what else?

hmm....Blogging (YUP YUP..that's definitely MY very First choice)..however I afraid that my stupid line will drop my line anytime. I just cannot understand why lately, which means two days past, my line was not stable at all. SOb~~I had not access to my blog for 2 days!!! Well...If this problem persist, I will definitely called the TM net to make my COMPLAIN!!!

Apr 21, 2008

Nah...another one??

This is another tip given by my friend. Hahaha..3sets of them in total, which one to believe?

1. legal personality & nature of co. 10%
- difference corporation & incorporation, partnership & co.
- salomon cases, separate legal personality- characteristic & disadvantages- ultra vires
- lifting of veil

2. co. formation 20%
- promoters , duties
- pre-incorporation contracts
- sec 35, procedures, incorporation document
- ultra vires sec20
- alteration of MA, content of article, contractual effect, alteration
- conversation frm public to private n private to public

3. capital & financing of co 30%
- maintenance of capital, share buy back
- loan capital everything important

4. management & administration 30%
- qualification & disqualification of director, auditor & secretary
- duties
- removal
- different between sec132 E & C , sec 133 & 67
- sec 122A, compensation

5. receivership & winding up

TOMORROW is the CL paper...are you READY??

Apr 20, 2008

Another Tips

hey Guyz....I have another version of tips here...Whether true or not, it depends on your personal judgement. Haha...Sweat badly~~

  • Director,
  • Promoter,
  • Share capital
  • Loan Capital
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Floating charges
  • Comparison between partnership and company
  • Comparison between voluntary and compulsory winding up
  • Judicial exception.
Gambadeh o!! All the best again...

Tips - Anybody interested?

This tip was given by my friend. Whoever is sitting for Company Law and Fundamental of Finance, may be you can refer to it but not to rely it wholly. Whether it is exclusive, I do not know

Disclaimer: Any tip given is not exclusively correct. I will not liable for any wrong information disseminated. IF there is any infringement, please inform me ASAP and I will remove it from this blog.

CL: Share Capital 20 %, director 20 %, class meeting.

FF: 4 types of shortage costs as a result of insufficient cash, how economic condition of country determine the approval of trade credit, working capital management, leasing, hire purchase, equity financing.

GOOD LUCK again...Believe in yourself always...

Apr 18, 2008

Pre-exam Notice

Hihi...it is 10.25 pm now, I am here to inform you all that I will be sitting for my final exam of my diploma last semester on 22 and 23 of April 2008. Hence, I would not be updating my blog until I finish my exam.

Hereby I would like to wish all of the students who will be sitting for final - ALL THE BEST and hope you all will score well.

However, to make sure you score well, remember to do your best. Make sure you are well prepared. If you are running out of time, just try to narrow down your scope and concentrate on few popular chapters. Do more tutorials or past years so that you roughly know what kind of questions will be asking in exam. [However, Ms Pari commented that only Tutorial 13&14 is more complete as other tutorials do not cover all the scope in exam - as said by Angel.]

If you follow what I said, To pass should be no problem.


Company Law Tutorial 13&14

Question 1 (i)

Special resolution is defined under Section 152 Companies Act, 1965. It requires the company to give 21 days notice for meeting and there must be at least 75% of the members agree with the special resolution. If less than 21 days, the company must get consent of 95% of the majority to agree with it.

Question 1 (ii)

Ordinary resolution is defined in Section 145 Companies Act, 1965. It needs 14 days notice for meeting and requires 50% of the members agree with the ordinary resolution.

Question 1 (iii)

Under Section 153 Companies Act, 1965, resolution requiring special notice means not less than 28 days notice to the company or not less than 14 days notice when given by company.

Question 2 (a)

Removal of director under Section 128 (1) Companies Act, 1965

Removal of auditor under Section 172 (4) Companies Act, 1965

Question 2 (b)

Alteration of object clause under Section 28 Companies Act, 1965

Change of company name under Section 23 Companies Act, 1965

Reduction of share capital under Section 64 Companies Act, 1965

Alteration of MA under Section 21 Companies Act, 1965

Alteration of AA under Section 31 Companies Act, 1965

Question 3

Annual General Meeting

According to Section 143 Companies Act, 1965, every company must hold an AGM at least once in every calendar year and not more than 15 months after the last preceding AGM.

Business transacted at AGM

Appointment of director

If it is a public company or its subsidiary, the reappointment of over age director.

Approval for issue of shares by the director discuss in AGM

Declaration of dividend

Retirement and election appointment of director

Auditor remuneration

Company accounts and other businesses

Section 145 (2A) Companies Act, 1965 states that 21 days notice in writing should be given or longer period as provided in the article.

The company can give notice less than 21 days with the consent of all members.

Extraordinary General Meeting

According to Table A Article 43, extraordinary general meeting is defined as any general meeting other than the AGM.

Table A Article 44 states that any director can call for meeting.

Section 145 (1) Companies Act, 1965 states 2 or more members holding not less than 10 % if issued share capital can call for meeting or if the company has not less than 5 % in numbers of the members of the company or such lesser number as is provided by the articles can call for meeting.

Section 150 Companies Act, 1965 states the court may order a meeting on its own motion, or on the applicant of any director or of any member who is entitled to vote or of the PR’s of any such member.

Class Meeting is the meeting where the company has more than one class of shares, it is necessary to call a class meeting to approve any variation of class rights.

Question 4

Under Section 145 (2A) Companies Act, 1965, the company gives 21 days notice in writing should be given or longer period as provided in the article.

Question 5

Quoram is minimum number of members who must be present in the meeting.

According to Table A Article 47, quoram is 2 members personally present includes a proxy.

Section 147 Companies Act, 1965 states that the minimum number of members is 2.

If quoram is not present within half hour of the appointed time, then the meeting is dissolved.

Question 6

Proxy is a person who authorizes to vote on behalf of the member who is unable to attend the meeting.

Section 149 Companies Act, 1965 provides that the proxy need not be a member of the company.

Rights of proxies: -

A proxy has the right to speak at the meeting but cannot vote except on a poll (on a piece of paper).

A proxy has the right to attend meeting.

[GR] A member cannot appoint more than 2 proxies in the same meeting. But if he wants to do so, he must specify what is the percentage of his holdings to be represented by each proxy.

The person who appoints proxies can attend the meeting. In the meeting, he can vote because he is a member. Then the proxies will keep quiet and cannot vote on a poll.

Proxy needs to submit his name as proxy at least 48 hours before the meeting.

If voting by poll, at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Receivership & Winding up

  1. A Receiver may be appointed by a debenture holder or trustee for the debenture holder under a power containing in the debenture A receiver appointed under the debenture is an agent and an officer of the company On the other hand, a receiver also may be appointed by the court upon the application of the debenture holder or trustee for the debenture holder. The receiver appointed by the court is regarded as the officer of the court.

A receiver is a person who takes charge of specific assets of the company. After selling the particular assets, receiver will use the money to settle the debt of the debenture holders. A receiver has no power to manage the business of the company. Whereas a receiver and manager is a person who takes charge of whole assets of the company. The money from realisation of the assets will be used to pay the debenture holders. He has the power to manage the company.

Under Section 182 Companies Act, 1965, the following person are not qualified to act as receivers:

a. Corporations

b. Undischarged bankrupts

c. Mortgagee of any property of the company

d. An auditors of the company

e. An officer fo the same company

f. Any person who is not an approved liquidator or the Official Receiver.

  1. Effect of the receiver’s appointment

· Receiver and manager is in charge of the company’s business and therefore he has the power to manage it.

· The appointment of receiver leads to the crystallisation of floating charge

· Receiver’s appointment does not dismiss the Board of Director.

· Once the debt is paid, the receiver and manager vacates the office and the directors resume the full control.

For receiver, the receivership comes to an end when the receiver has sold the specific assets and has settled the debt with the debenture holders. For receiver and manager, it ends when the he has realised the whole assets of the company and settle the debt with debenture holders.

  1. Types of Winding up:

i. Voluntary winding up

· There are two main category of winding up which are member’s voluntary winding up and creditors’ winding up. The member’s voluntary winding up can proceed if the company is solvent. The director must make a Declaration of Solvency stating the company is solvent and able to pay the debt within 12 months after the commencement of winding up under Section 257(1) Companies Act, 1965. The Declaration of Solvency must be lodged with the SSM according to Section 257(3) Companies Act, 1965. Under Section 254(1)(b) Companies Act, 1965. the company’s members in general meeting pass a special resolution for the company to wind up voluntarily Under Section 258(1) Companies Act, 1965, the members in general meeting appoint a liquidator. According to Section 291(1) Companies Act, if the liquidator thinks the company is unable to pay the debt within 12 months after the commencement of winding up, he must call a meeting of the company’s creditors. Then, a member’s voluntary winding up is converted into a creditors’ winding up.

· Creditors’ voluntary winding up can only proceed provided the company is insolvent and it cannot be initiated by creditors. The creditors may nominate a liquidator. If the members and creditors wish to appoint the different liquidators, the wishes of the creditors prevail.On the other hand. The creditors also appoint a committee of inspection consisting of not more than 5 persons under Section 262 Companies Act, 1965. When the winding up is completed, the company is deregistered

ii. Compulsory winding up

· Compulsory winding up begins with court order

· Under Section 217 Companies Act, 1965, a petition is presented by:

a. The company

b. Any creditor

c. Contributor

d. Liquidator

e. Minister of Domestic Trade and Comsumer Affairs or Finance

f. Bank Negara in the case of insurance companies

g. The Registrar (SSM)

h. Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation

· The petition may specific any of the grounds in Section 218 Companies Act, 1965. [From (a)-(n)]

· Proceeding for compulsory liquidation:

i. Petition is presented to the court

ii. A copy is delivered to the company and is also advertised so that other creditors know about it.

iii. The court may either dismiss the petition, adjourn the hearing, make interim order or other order as it thinks fit, or make a winding up order


  1. The grounds in Section 218 Companies Act, 1965. [From (a)-(n)]

* No need to memorize all. Any 6 will do.

For Microsoft Word version , please click here.

* Thanks to Yet Ling again for all these answers...

Apr 17, 2008


Don't you think they are so adorable??

Especially this one, the baby still chewing her own finger...

See how meaty she is? and a pair of big, beautiful eyes...


Are you being tricked off??
Actually they are not real. Don't be shocked. Just look at the actual size of the babies>>>

Small huh?? NOrmal babies can't be so small anyway. They are made of almond powder... can be eaten anyway!! wakaka...could you eat them? yes as a matter-of-fact, but how could you??

Delicately-Made Cakes

NObody will ever detest for having more food, I bet!! So we have more cakes this time....more chocolatier and more cheesey...Cheese cake!! Muacks....I just like it as I like Chocolate!! I prefer cakes with more textures because every time you chew it, hmmmmm.....it simply give me the satisfaction...

These are smaller but still I think these are the children of the big cakes...wakak!!

Yum Yum Time!!

There are two things in my life that I like them the most. Both of them are desserts, you know what are they? Let me disclose it. Firstly the chocolate, which I always feel so hard to resist the temptation. Secondly, the nicely decorated and delicious cake.

Here are some of the nice cakes which I get the pictures from the email. It really looks grand and marvelous for such a nice handy work. It surely took much effort, skill, and time. MOst importantly whether there is a heart of doing it. ^^

I like cakes. I even like chocolate cakes!!

Sometimes I do wonder are there real?

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