Mar 20, 2008

Visit to Gleneagle

Welcome to Gleneagle Intan, which is located at Ampang.

Well Well...what brought me here?
Bad news? Nah...It is good news anyway. In hospital, only one thing is considered as good news. What's it then? Need not me to say, right?

It is glad to hear that my cousin's wife finally born her child on 17th of March 2008. However, it is some sort of disappointment to them as they have been expecting the baby to be a boy instead of girl.

Tell you something funny. My cousin insisted not to know, and not letting his wife to know the actual gender of the baby even before she borne the child. Perhaps he hoped that he will have some surprises when he saw it on 17th of March itself. Somehow God does give him some surprises, as in "Huh? Girl again?" but definitely it is the question in his mind, that meant not to voice out, for fear that his wife will be sad for that. Scientifically, it is him for decide the baby is a girl or boy. Science students or anyone who likes science will know that true fact.

It is such an imperfection as I forgot to take the picture of the newly-born baby. Promise, I will replace that imperfection..

Never mind that now. As you know, everybody will be putting their attention on the baby, and somehow the sister will feel being neglected. am I, being the rescuer of the little sister....Wakaka!! Kidding for sure.
NOthing much I did except bring her for a walk around the hospital.

This is the sister of the baby. While we were waiting the lift, we grasped the moment to take some pictures outside the corridor.

Here we have my daddy and her.

Since the hospital is being well known for its quality services and class, the interior designs of the hospital is definitely must be mashed up to match its classiness. Only rich men can go to that hospital lol...

There are few of the art piece which I am pretty impressed. Like this>


[All for You]

And this>

[Heliconia's Mood]
All of them are oil-painted and the textures are very real like collage effect. Wonder how they are so artistic...while I am not...

Back to our pinky sister first, we walked around and came across this small garden outside the main entrance, and so she posed upon my request.

See how clever she is in showing the yoga move?

Now Kung Fu Time...Hiah...

After shooting, she fussed with my handphone and wanted to shoot a picture of my dad, which obviously her attempt is futile.

I can say that almost every part of the hospital is very quiet except for this unit - Accident & Emergency Unit, which I believed that they would be opening for 24 hours. They ought to right?

" adorable..." See how mesmerized she was by the display of the toy shop in the hospital. The hospital even have Dome outlet too!!

By the time we went home, this pinky sister actually so wanted to cry for not having sleep with her parents tonight. Even then, Me, the Mighty ( joking, joking ) managed to talk her off from crying... See!! DOn't you think I am quite clever?? (Syok sendiri again...)


  1. waiqueen11:58 PM

    Hey~ she has the same birthday with my BEST friend.

  2. really?haha...that's sweet

  3. hi...i just went to this Gleneagle on the 26 of march at 4am in the morning...haiz.. is a long story tat nitez.and wasn't a good thing go there....erm..come back to this is a very high class HOSP...i get into the entrance and i like..WOW..wat a class HOSP ..but in the meantime...i think i had wnet wrong HOSP..cua is like so expensive...haiz....but inside is so so very class n nice....wat make me surprise is the DOME inside...wahahha

  4. hehe...same surprises have with me when i saw DOME..wakaka...

    so what brought you in to that classy hospital anyway? of course everything comes with price and the more prettier things come with higher prices lol


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